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From: Brew Maxwell
Subject: My First Year with Kevin, Chapter 17The following is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to real people or
events is purely coincidental. The story contains graphic descriptions of
sex between men, and anyone who is forbidden by law to read such material
must exit the story now. This story is being posted to the Nifty Archive
for the enjoyment of its readers. It may not be posted or distributed by
any other medium without the written permission of its author.My other works in the Nifty Archive include Unusual Christmas and Nick's
Adventures, both in bisexual/high school, First Mate and Twin Spin in
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Slave to Houseboy in gay/authoritarian.E-mail comments are always welcome.
My First Year With KevinChapter 17 We had left for San Diego on December 26th, and we got back home on
December 29th. Frank and Denis wouldn't be home until January 4th , so we
had more than a full week at home alone. We had had an early flight out of
San Diego, so we got home around two in the afternoon. The weather was
warm and muggy in New Orleans, and the first thing we did when we got into
the house was turn on the air conditioner.
Even though Kevin and I were very much in love with one another
and never wanted to be apart from one another, we still needed some privacy
at times. That afternoon was one of those times. I needed to think
through what had happened in San Diego, and he needed to do whatever he
needed to do. After we got our stuff in from the car, we went to our own
rooms and really didn't see one another until around six that evening.
I used part of that time to hand-write a letter to my mother.
Here's what I wrote.Dear Mom,It was great to see you and to have you meet Kevin as a grown-up. I know
you knew him when he was a little kid, but he's a man, now, in every sense
of the word. As I told you, we're teens 14 years galleries in love with one 14 years old teensluts another, and I'm hoping
ours will be a lifelong commitment. I'm not confident that it will be
because I think Kevin has a rather strong heterosexual streak in him, but
I'm hoping. Right now, though, he's my "all," and I'm his, too.And that makes 14 year girl hentai our relationship with you and Morris all the more difficult.
Morris apparently hates homosexuals, or at least this homosexual, and I
can't be with him, even if it means not seeing you. You know I love you,
or at least I hope you know that. Kevin, I think, demonstrated he wants a
relationship with you, and even with Morris. But just as Kevin couldn't
tolerate violence against you in the purse snatching, he damn sure can't
tolerate it childfuck boys 10-14year against me in the beating Morris gave me. I think Kevin would
have killed, or at least seriously injured, Morris if I hadn't stopped him,
and he is certainly physically capable of doing so.I hope you will find reason to come to New Orleans to visit us. I know you
will be welcomed with open arms by all four of us. Denis-Dad-speaks very
fondly of you, as does Frank.Anyway, let's stay in touch.Love,Matt That was a pretty lame letter, I guess, but it was how I felt at
the time. I addressed the envelope to her office, put a stamp 10 years old fuck on it, and
took it out to our mailbox. I figured she would get it in a week or so,
maybe less.
After I wrote the letter and posted it, I checked my e-mail. I had
one from Todd wishing me a merry Christmas and a good trip. I wrote back
to him telling him about Christmas and about our trip. I said I hoped the
four of us could get together before we went back to school.
I surfed the Web for a while, looking for personal sites of gay
boys, and then I got 13 teen year olds into bed. I wasn't really tired, I didn't think, but
I went to sleep in about five minutes. I didn't wake up until I heard
Kevin in the shower around six.
I got up, got naked, and got in there with him.
"Hi, Babe," he said, kissing me tenderly on the lips.
"Hi," I said. "Whatcha been doing?"
"Sleeping, mostly. I checked e-mail, unpacked and put my shit
away, and then I sacked out. What about you?"
"The same. Although I did write a letter to my mom. I told her I
wouldn't be seeing her 15 years oldporno
again with Morris, and I also said I hoped she could
find some reason to come to New Orleans. That was okay, wasn't it?"
"What? About her coming here? Of course it was. She didn't seem
all that homophobic to me."
"She's not. It's him."
"Yeah, the bastard. I probably would have killed him if you hadn't
stopped me," he said.
"I know, Babe. teen 16 years
That's why I did. Not because I wanted him alive;
I just didn't want you in trouble."
"That's why I love you so much," he said.
We didn't bother putting on clothes. We foraged in the
refrigerator for food left over from the big party, and we found a bunch.
We had several drinks, and, when we went to bed, we repeated the sexual
tryst we had young 15 years porno had that morning. It was wonderful.
The next week was fabulous. We made love in just about every room
of the house, and several days we just didn't bother to dress at all. We
went to four movies, ate out, girl 14 -16 years
went down to the Quarter once, and just had a
One time Kevin was standing in front of the sink in the kitchen
eating a whole pineapple. He had juice from it all over his hands, running
down his arms, and all over his face. He had sliced the skin off the
outside and was eating it like you would an apple. He was in just his
briefs. I walked up 16 year pics topless behind him and started rubbing his butt. At first he
didn't say anything, but I knew he was getting turned on. I stuck my hand
inside his briefs and started rubbing his asshole. I knew he loved that,
and it turned him on big time.
"Are you trying to make me hard, Babe," Kevin asked.
"Of course," I replied.
"Well, you're succeeding, Matt," he said. "You want a bite of my
He turned around and stuck the pineapple in my face. I took a
bite, and it was as sweet a pineapple as I had ever tasted. I took a
second bite.
"It's good, isn't it?"
"It's wonderful," I replied.
Kevin knew I wanted sex, so he carefully guided me onto the floor
of the kitchen, pineapple still in 16 years nude download hand. He rubbed it on my chest, and
then he started licking the juice off. His arms were wet and sticky up to
his elbows from the thing, and his face had pineapple juice naked year pics
all over it,
The leaves of the pineapple were still on it, and he raked them
across my chest. He did it very gently, and the little thorns on the
leaves really turned me on. He dripped 12-16 years old girls-nude
pineapple juice all over me, and he
decided to clean me up with his mouth. He pulled my briefs down and off,
and he flung them aside. He rubbed the flesh of the pineapple all over me,
and the sticky sweetness of it really turned me on. His cock was swelling
the whole time, and he pulled his own briefs off in a second.
There we were, on the kitchen floor, covered in pineapple juice,
hard as the Washington Monument (and him about as long, proportionately).
I had wanted to fuck him, but he got me on my back before I could
protest-like I would have, anyway. He entered me. It wasn't the best fuck
we had ever had, 14 year pictures hymen but it was far from the worse. That morning he had
changed his ball-closed PA ring for a stainless steel horseshoe he had
bought, and the difference was amazing. It was 13-16 years pussy the same gauge as the full
ring, but it had those two balls, rather than one. When he raked it across
my prostate, I could hardly stand it. I didn't last more than five
minutes, and I came. I was able to control my cum, but just barely. He
kept pumping me and making me feel those sensations, and I came at least
three more times, I think.
Kevin was having orgasms of his own all the while, but, when I came
that last time, I shot my load onto my chest, and Kevin unloaded inside me.
He got some paper towels to clean us up, and we went into the den
to relax and smoke. We sat very close to one another, touching, in fact,
and the stickiness of the pineapple juice made it clear we needed a shower.
"How did this new ring feel inside you," he asked as I washed him.
He was fiddling with it as he spoke.
"It felt fantastic. I think I got more stimulation from that one
than from the other one. I'm going to get one like that so you can see
what I mean."
"I've got one for you. You want to try it now?"
"Where is it," I asked.
"It's in a drawer next to the sink. Let me get it."
Without drying off, Kevin got out of the shower, got the new ring,
and was back in the shower in three seconds. He got down in front of me
and undid the full circle one. I didn't know if it would hurt when he took
out the old one or put in the new one, but it hurt neither time. Our two
new ones were also gold. Once he had it in me, he stood up and hooked his
to mine.
"I'm really hooked on you," he said. "Will you be my valentine?"
I knew he was referring to those 14year sexy silly little valentines we used to
pass out to everyone in school when we were little, and he made me laugh.
I had a mental image of a fish, for some reason, 14 year old tits getting hooked by a little
boy as a little girl stood by making eyes at him.
We just stood there, our dicks caught on one another. From time to
time one or other of us bounced up and down a few times, and that really
was a turn-on. We both got hard just looking at each other and stimulating
each others' nipples. We kissed deeply a time or two, and the closeness
was incredible.
Kevin was holding me tightly at one point, licking my ear.
"I want you to fuck me," he whispered.
He unhooked our cocks and turned to face the wall. He spread his
legs to give me room to get to his asshole, and I entered him. I thought
the new ring felt better on me than the other one had, and Kevin's reaction
to what it was doing to him inside made me know it was gallery teen nude14 year
really stimulating
his teens 19 years hots
sweet spot. We fucked for a long time, and, while I didn't exactly
count, I was sure Kevin came six times or more before he finally shot his
load. I came several times, as well, and, as usual, each orgasm was longer
and stronger than the one before it had been. We finally finished after
almost an hour in the shower, and the water had started to run 14-16 years old sluts a little
When we were dry, we went back into Kevin's room.
"Let me show you something else I bought," he said. He went to his
dresser and pulled out a bag from the piercing shop. Inside the bag was a
gold chain about four feet long.
"What's that for," I asked.
"Let me show you," he said.
He made me sit on his bed and got down on his haunches so that he
could do something to my dick. He unscrewed one of the balls of the PA
ring, slipped the end of the chain on the ring, and re-tightened the ball.
He did the same to his.
"Now we're joined at the hip, sort of," he said.
"Am I always going to have to be within four feet of you," I asked
"When we're wearing the chain, you will. Either that, or grow some
more dick."
I laughed. God he was cute.
In a minute the phone rang. It was closest to me, so I answered
it. It was Todd.
"What are you guys up to," he asked.
"You won't believe what my fool-boy did," I said.
"He got us new rings, horseshoes, really, for our dick piercings.
And right now we're sitting next to 14 year teen pron one another connected by four feet of
"Now, what? Tell me that again."
"He's got this chain hooked to each of our dick rings. We can
never be more than four feet away from one another as long as we're wearing
"I didn't realize you could take those rings out. That is fucking
hot, man. teens 13 years porn
You're making my cock swell just imagining it."
"It is pretty sexy, I grant you that. So, what's up?"
"We were wondering if y'all would like to go out tonight. We're
going to do our little master-slaveboy thing, sex year 15 free and we thought y'all might
like to go."
I told Kevin what Todd had said, and he said he was all set for
some more of that. I began wondering if my fella didn't have a slightly
kinky side to him.
"We'd love to go," I told Todd. Where and when?"
He named a place and said to meet them around ten. "Oh, and
Jonathan wants y'all to 13 year pussy
wear your chain. He said everybody will love it."
"Has he been listening," I asked Todd.
"Yes, I have been," Jonathan said. "We're on a speaker phone."
"How can we get clothes on with this thing," I asked.
"Figure it out," Jonathan said, "but please do wear it, at least
for a little while."
"I'll see what Kevin says, but something tells me he'll be all for
it. See you around ten."
"Jonathan wants us to wear this chain tonight."
"Oh, wow! Will you do it?"
"Yeah, I'll do it," I said. "At least this way I won't feel like
some kind of monster master, like I did with the padlock."
"Cool," Kevin said.
We wore the chain, and, just as Jonathan had predicted, we were the
objects of much staring. Several guys wanted to see how we were attached,
and Kevin had no problem popping open the fly buttons on his jeans, pulling
out his dick, and showing them. We kept the chain on for a couple of
hours, but, eventually, we wanted to dance with other people, so we took 13 years desnudas it
off. It was a hit, Todd won a bunch of money shooting pool, he and Kevin
did that obscene dance several times, Todd came down his 13 years porno sexs leg three or four
times, and a good time was had by all. I noticed Todd had gotten his cock
pierced, too, no doubt as a Christmas present. The next day, when the mail came, Kevin and I both had invitations
to a King Cake party on January 6th. There were identical envelopes for
Denis and Frank, too.
"So what's this all about," I asked Kevin, after I had opened mine.
"It's a King Cake party, man."
"Duh. I can fucking read what it says, shithead. What the fuck is
a King Cake party." We were teasing each other the same way Denis and
Frank had teased each other about smoking and making out good wills and
such that night at Kevin's first football game. They had said we probably
did the same thing, and they had been right.
"You really don't know, do you? You really are some kind of
ignorant peasant from the north, aren't you?"
"You think California is north of here, as in the 'Yankee North?'
You're fucking dumber than I ever thought you were."
"Southern California is the _real_ California, and it's part of the
South, just like Louisiana and Mississippi."
"Kevin, am I going to have to beat your ass to get you to tell me
what a fucking King Cake party is."
"You know damn good and well my ass is yours to do whatever the
fuck you want to with, anytime you want to do it. But I'll tell you
anyway. Listen carefully. Some of this might be slightly over your head.
This head," he said, knocking on my forehead, "not this one," he said,
grabbing my dick.
"Kevin, if you understand it, I feel sure I'll catch on in no
time," I said.
He gave me a quick kiss. "You are so fucking cute," he said.
"Okay, here goes. You remember that we just had Christmas, right?
You know, tree, presents, parties, Santa Claus, and all that? You _do_
remember, don't you?"
"Come on. You're wasting my time."
"Like you've got a full calendar. Right."
"Come on, Kevin, tell me about the party, man."
"Okay. Pay attention. The official Christmas season ends,
according to the Catholic Church, on January 13th, or the Sunday nearest
that date. That's the baptism of Jesus and the beginning of his public
ministry. Okay, when he 16 years girls blowjob was a little baby, three wise men, the Three Kings
of Orient Are, came to see him and brought him gifts. Gold, Frankenstein,
and myrrh."
"Orient Are? 12years young teen sex They were from the Orient, shithead. 'Orient' means
'east.' They were from the east."
"The song says 'Orient Are,' smartass." He started singing the
song, and, once again, I was impressed by the quality of his voice.
"Kevin, it means we are three kings from the Orient, dude. Not the
'Orient Are.'" As the words were leaving my mouth, I saw that twitch in
the right corner of his mouth. It was almost imperceptible, but I was thirteen years girls nude
I had seen it. "You asshole," I screamed.
"What," he asked, innocence itself. Then he broke into the famous
Kevin grin.
"Fuck you," I said, laughing.
"Here? Now?"
"Please tell 13-year-old scandinavian female me about the fucking King Cake party," I whined.
"Okay, Baby. Just settle down. We 16years girl naked don't want our panties in a
wad, now do we?"
"I'll wad up your panties and shove 'em down your fucking throat if
you don't tell me what this shit is all about," I said. He knew I was
teasing, and there was 70 year fuck galleries certainly no way I could ever win a physical
confrontation with that lummox. I knew it; he knew it; and he knew I knew
it. "Also, wasn't the second gift frankincense?"
"Maybe so, but Frank almost never gets incensed, so I say
'Frankenstein.' Whatever. Anyway, that day is celebrated on January 6th,
and it's called the Epuffany, or King's Day."
"It's called the Epiphany, not the Epuffany, asshole."
"It's shithead, and I said that just to see if you were listening."
I threw a sofa pillow at him and immediately regretted it,
realizing that that could start a major tickling fight. But it didn't. He
caught it in mid-air and hummed it back at me.
"Anyway, King's Day, or January 6th, is the start of the Mardi Gras
season in New Orleans."
"But Mardi Gras isn't until...when? early March?"
"Yeah, but the season starts on January 6th. A King Cake is a
special cake baked in an oval. It's decorated with purple, gold, and green
icing, and it has a little plastic baby baked into it, to represent Baby
Jesus, only most of the time they're uncut, like me."
I laughed at his cuteness.
"It's in a different place in every King Cake. You have a party
and invite your friends. Usually a fairly small number of friends,
although the one we've been invited to is probably going to be pretty big
because 14 years teens naked it's being given by last year's king of the krewe Frank and Denis
belong to. You cut the King Cake, or maybe cakes, in this case, into as
many pieces as fifteen years old sex there are people at the party. Whoever gets the baby Jesus
is the King (or Queen, if it's a woman). Whoever it is, picks someone of
the opposite sex to be the King/Queen of the next party, which is a week
away, or on the next Saturday night or something like that.
"The King and Queen of the next party have to give a King Cake
party, too. teen 17 year fucking They have to invite all the people at the original party, plus
any of their friends or relatives who weren't at the original party. At
the next party, the whole thing is repeated. The crowd keeps getting
bigger and bigger every week until Mardi Gras."
"Is the icing always purple, gold, and green?"
"Yeah," he said. "Those are the Mardi Gras colors. It's got to be
those colors. Frank knows the symbolism of the colors, and he's told me
several times, but I don't really remember. Plus, I think different people
give different meanings to the colors. Anyway, that's what a King Cake
party is all about."
"So Mardi Gras is more than a one-day thing," I said.
"Oh, man. You don't even know. It's about six weeks or two months
long," he said.
"So what's this crew thing all about," I asked.
"Well, we say it 'crew,' but we spell it krewe. A krewe is a group
of people who organize a ball, and, in the case of Frank and Denis' krewe,
a parade, too. They're the Krewe of Rex. They parade the Mardi Gras
day. Their ball is that night. It's the most important parade, and Rex is
given the city by the mayor for the day. Rex rules the city, and he
suspends all the laws, except not really. You know what I mean. It's
symbolic. The city becomes a carnival for a day, and Rex, which means
'king' in Latin, rules the city from his float. "A ball? What are you
talking about?" All of that was new to me, although I did have some vague
recollections of Mardi girls 12 years xxx Gras from the years I lived in New Orleans before.
Mostly, though, I remembered parades and costumes and people throwing stuff
from the floats.
"A ball. Like what Cinderella went to. 16 year girl pussy A big party, with a king
and queen and court and all, and we'll be invited to a bunch of balls as
"Okay, so what does that mean?"
"Well, Mardi Gras season coincides with the debutante season.
Every krewe has a ball, and that's where the guys present their daughters.
There are a lot of other deb things, too. Last year I got roped into some
of them, but this year both of us are going to be overwhelmed with
"So, what is a 'call-out,'" I asked.
"Well, it's a chance to dance with a particular girl. Let's say
they plan in advance there will be ten call-out dances at the ball.
There's a lot more shit that happens at balls than just dancing, but that's
too detailed to explain right now. Anyway, you're a girl. You're a deb.
You're a maid in a ball. You've got to come up with ten guys to be your
call-outs, guys for you to dance with. You invite them to the ball, 10years pedo they
come all dolled up in their tuxes, and, when it's their turn, they go out
and dance with you. I'm sure you'll have a virgin 12 year sex
bunch from Newton. And so will
I. You don't actually have to know the girl to be one of her call-outs.
You just have to be male, dressed right, and available to be there. There
is usually some kind of family connection, and, I'm here to tell you, we
have more fucking family connections with lawyers and doctors and
accountants and stockbrokers and general businessmen than you can imagine."
"Wow! This sounds like pretty much fun," I said. "Do they serve
food and drinks at the balls?"
"Oh, yeah. Lots of both. And it's a lot of fun the first five or
six times, especially at the parties after the balls. And you'll get to
know a lot of the girls at the King Cake parties, too. But it's a Thursday
night, you've got three tests the next day, golf or baseball practice till
five that afternoon, and a ball to go to at eight or ten. Then sex pictures girls12 years the whole
thing becomes a royal pain in the ass.
"And you've got to be dressed to the nines, clean, clean-shaven,
well-groomed, and full of fun, pep, and life. I tell you, man, it's a
fucking pain in the ass."
"So what if I just say 'no thank you' to some of the invitations?"
"Big mistake. No-can-do. Frank and Denis are not strict parents,
but they will make both of us do this teens 12 years hot shit. Trust me on that. It's part
of our role in society. Period. End of questions."
"Are we really big in, like, 'society?'"
"You poor, pedo nude picture year innocent little baby. Frank and Denis are pillars of
'society,' especially Frank, 'cause he's from here. You don't have the
biggest and richest 12 years teens nudes law firm in New Orleans and not be. Especially given
our history here. You done married into a popular crowd, dude. That's why
we bought all that tux shit. Why would you need four shirts except that
you'll wear a fresh one every night? Did you think of that? And those
expensive shoes? You'll be dancing your ass off in them, and they can't
hurt them delicate feet of yourn. And two pairs of pants to that tux?
That's so you'll have a spare when you have to send one to the cleaners
'cause your balls sweated so much in the pair from the night before."
"Am I going to like all of this," I asked. Suddenly, I felt a
little overwhelmed by everything Kevin was telling me.
"I think you'll have a fabulous time, but there may be trying
moments. Let me just tell you a little story.
"When I was thirteen, I got invited to my first King Cake party. I
wasn't old enough to be in the ball 14year girls pussy circuit or anything, but younger kids
who aren't debutantes do the same thing, I teen 16 years jpg
guess for the practice.
"I was really horny, then, all the time. At the first party I went
to, I danced with a girl who was fifteen. It was a slow dance, and I got
hard. She felt it, of course, and that was the night I lost my cherry to a
"Damn. Had you been with a guy before then?"
"Nope. I didn't meet Dave until I was a sophomore, and he was the
first guy I was with. At the time we met, I had a girlfriend, and I was
fucking her. In fact, by then I had probably fucked ten or twelve girls."
"So, am I going to be expected to fuck girls at these things?"
"Not unless you want to."
"I don't want to," I said. My anxiety about Kevin's true gayness
hit me like a forty-pound tether ball.
"Well, that's settled, then. You won't."
I thought for a few seconds before continuing.
"What about you? Will you fuck girls?"
I could have predicted his reaction. He went for his pack of
cigarettes, slowly took one out, slowly lit up, and slowly released the
smoke. I knew he was searching for the right thing to say.
"Matt, you know how I feel about you. Would you dump me if I did?"
It was then my turn to think, so I did the same thing Kevin had
done-borrowed time. He had used the expression "married into a popular
crowd" earlier, and I wondered what he had meant by "married into." After
a long time, I finally spoke.
"Kevin, a minute ago you said I had 'married into a popular crowd.'
What did you mean by that?"
That question made him uncomfortably quiet. After several long
moments of silence, he finally spoke.
"Matt, I know we can't really get married, any more than Frank and
Denis can, legally. But I sort of consider you like-I don't know-my
husband? my spouse? If you don't want me messing with girls, I won't,
man. Period. End of discussion. Final. Over. Finished."
I was floored by that statement. It was what I wanted, of course,
but I was never 13 year old naturists sure Kevin felt that way about me. I got large tears in my
eyes, which he noticed immediately.
"Please don't do that, Matt. It was just a question to get things
straight between us. I won't touch another female breast as long as I
He had misinterpreted my tears. God, I loved him.
"You're jumping to conclusions," I said, between my sniffles and
"What do you mean, Babe," he asked.
"I'm crying because I'm happy, not because you might fuck the odd
debutante. Shit, you and I have both gotten it on with Todd sixteen year porn movies
and those guys
last summer. I'm not jealous of petite teen 16 years
where you stick this thing," I said,
putting my hand on his cock through his shorts.
"Soooooo, why are you so happy," he asked.
"Because, you dumbass...." I couldn't finish what I wanted to say.
He put his arms around me and snuggled and gently kissed me on my
face and neck.
When I finally calmed down, I was able to communicate why I was
"I'm crying because I'm so happy about what you said, Kevin."
"What'd I say?"
"What you said was, 'But I sort of consider you like-I don't
know-my husband? my spouse?' I had hoped against hope that that was true,
but I wasn't sure of it until just now. You've proved it over and over,
especially in San Diego, but now you've said it. Oh, baby, I love you so
much." I melted into another puddle of tears.
Kevin didn't know what to say, I'm sure. He hugged me to him and
let me cry out my emotions. I got his shirt wet, but he cheerfully took
that off when I was done with my weeping.
"I feel so dumb doing that," I said when I had finished my crying
"Doing what? Wetting my shirt? You were crying. You couldn't
help it."
He might have been teasing me when he said that, but I didn't
notice any lip movement to suggest he was. I felt as though he totally and
completely accepted me, and my love for him at that moment was
He knew instinctively that I needed to be in his arms, and he
cradled me for a long time. anal 15 years The skin of his chest was warm and comforting
to me without his shirt on. After a while, though, I began to hear his
stomach making noises. I ignored the first two, but the third one was too
loud to ignore.
"I think somebody's hungry," I said.
"Who? You?"
"Well, I could eat, no question. But you're the one making all the
hungry-stomach noises."
"I'm not doing that on purpose. We don't have to move until you're
Tears came to my eyes again when he said that. I fought them back
hard, though. All that crying wasn't my style, and I damn sure knew it
wasn't Kevin's style.
"Let's get something to eat," I said.
We went upstairs, I washed my face, Kevin took a long leak, he put
on a shirt, and we went to 14 year sluts
Shoney's for lunch. We weren't home ten minutes when the phone rang. Kevin and I both
thought it would be Frank and Denis checking on us, but it was Todd.
"Hey, what's up," I asked him. I had answered the phone.
"Not a goddamn thing, and I'm bored out of my fucking gourd," he
said. "What are you guys doing?"
"Nothing. Why don't you come over and we can all be bored
together." I looked at Kevin and mouthed "Todd." He shook his head "yes."
"Can I," he asked.
"I wouldn't 16 year foto sex have invited you if the answer was no, now, would I?"
"Cool. Jonathan's out of town until the day after we go back to
school, 12year little pussy and I've watched all the TV I can handle."
"What about pool," I asked.
"Well, I could go out and hustle some, I guess, but I really don't
feel like doing that. Plus, I've already made this month what I would
ordinarily make in the next three months. Financially, I'm in good shape."
"Great. Come on over. Do you know where we live?"
"I have a general idea, but give me directions."
I put Kevin on the line for that. I had gotten to know the city
pretty well, but I still wasn't sure where everything was and what was the
best way to get from point A to point B.
Todd got there in thirty minutes or less. Kevin and I had been
watching the Real World retrospective on 16 year nude teens MTV, and both of us were kind of
dozing, off and on. We both woke up when Kevin arrived.
"Hey, man," Kevin said to Todd, as he greeted him at the front
"This is a really nice place," Todd said as soon as he had come
into the 18 year old sex house.
"Thanks," Kevin said.
We all went into the den, and Kevin got Cokes for all of us.
"Whatcha been doing, man," Kevin asked Todd.
"Not a fucking thing. What about you guys?"
"Kevin's been telling me about King Cake parties and Mardi Gras and
all that shit. Do you do that stuff?"
"Hell, everybody does Mardi Gras to one degree or another. I've
been to some King Cake parties, but not to a ball. I don't exactly move in
the same social circles as you guys do."
"You can take my place anytime, man. A lot of it is fun, but a lot
of it is boring as shit, too." Kevin grinned at Todd.
"I really like you guys," Todd said. "You're my only gay friends,
besides Jonathan. Did you sixteen years old porno know that?"
"You told us once you didn't have any friends," I said, remembering
the night of the Colton-Newton game.
"Well, that was kind of an exaggeration. I really meant I don't
have any gay friends. Guys who understand me and my make-up."
"You wear make-up," Kevin asked in all seriousness.
Todd was confused for an instant, but he came back with, "I have
to, man. I'm really a Negro, and a very dark one. I have to pass for
white somehow."
Not to be outdone, Kevin said, "So are we, and we wear make-up,
"Well, I guess that's something else we have in common," Todd said.
"That, and pierced dicks. I saw yours last night, Todd," Kevin
"Oh, when I was shooting cum down my leg? You noticed my penis,
did you?"
"Yeah, I guess that was it," Kevin replied. "Or maybe when you
took a piss and I had to hold it. I don't really remember."
"You held his cock while he took a piss," I said, my naivete
surfacing, once again.
"Well, somebody had to aim it into my mouth," Kevin said. "I had
him handcuffed at the time."
"You fucking shithead," I said. I threw a pillow at Kevin, and he
caught it in mid-air. He hurled it back at me with much greater force.
All three 13 years teen pussy
of us laughed our asses off.
"Are you guys like this all the time," Todd asked.
"Pretty much. I'm a shithead pretty often -occasionally an
asshole." Kevin grinned at me when he said that.
"He's not. He's the sweetest boy in the world. 70 year sex porno He's really an
asshole much more often than he's a shithead," I said.
"I want to see your dick up close and personal, Todd. I love a
pierced dick," Kevin said, changing the subject, but not really.
"You want me naked, SIR," Todd said.
"Yeah, get your ass naked, boy," Kevin replied.
"Gladly, SIR," Todd replied.
Todd stood up, took off his shirt, kicked off his shoes (they were
Docksiders, and he wasn't wearing socks), undid his belt and 14 year old sex jeans, and let
the whole lot slide to the floor.
"Come here to me," Kevin barked.
Todd, the obedient slave, did as he was told.
"I want to inspect you."
"Kevin, Babe, what the fuck are you doing," I asked.
"Playing, Babe. Todd doesn't mind. In fact you like this, don't
you, Todd?"
"Shut the fuck up," Kevin yelled, and Todd did, immediately.
I had seen Todd naked before, but that was the first time I noticed
how gorgeous his body was. He was shorter than both Kevin and me, and his
olive skin seemed to glow. His nipples were like the little erasers that
are on pencils, standing out from the areola about an eighth of an inch.
His dick was still soft at that point, and it hung down about four inches.
The ring in his dickhead was the same size as ours, and it was stainless
steel. He was cut, but his dick was really beautiful, even soft.
"Are you fully healed yet," Kevin asked him. Kevin was using a
rather commanding tone of voice, not one he used with me.
"Yes, SIR. Fully healed, SIR."
Kevin decided to test naked 16 year girl
it and slid the jewelry back and forth in
Todd's dick. His dick started to put on weight, and I knew Kevin was
having a good time playing with Todd.
"Todd, I want you to stop saying 'sir' to me or to Matt, and I
order you to treat us like you are our equal. You aren't, of course, you
slimy piece of shit, but I want you to pretend that we are just three
friends having an afternoon of fun together. You got that, boy?"
"SIR, yes SIR." Pause, beat, beat. "Yeah, Shithead, I got it."
That broke us all up.
"You're pretty fucking cute, you know that, Todd?" Kevin ruffled
his hair when he said that.
"You ain't so bad yourself, man. And neither is Matt. I choose my
friends wisely."
"So do we," Kevin said, and that made Todd grin broadly.
He got between us on the sofa.
"Tell me about your trip to San Diego. How'd it go?"
"Not too well, I'm afraid," I said. "We left my mom's house after
like twenty-four hours. Kevin almost killed Morris, my step-father. And
he got this wound." I pointed out the ugly red scar on Kevin's side when
he lifted his shirt.
"Jesus Christ, I want to 13 year nude teen hear all about it," Todd said.
We told him the story, and he was shocked and amazed.
"What about your Christmas. Did you and Jonathan spend it with
your parents?"
"Naw. My parents moved to Houston a couple of months ago. They
agreed I could live with Jonathan so I could finish school. Jon couldn't
get off for a trip, and he kind of feels awkward around my parents, anyway.
It was just the two of us."
"Did you guys exchange gifts, and all," teen 17 years nudes I asked.
"Of course, we did. We're lovers, man, just like you and Kevin.
Y'all exchanged gifts, didn't you?"
"Yeah, but our relationship isn't exactly like you guys, you know?"
"We're lovers, man. That's our relationship. You guys express
your love and affection for one another 12-16 years old porno by calling each other Shithead and
Asshole and stuff like that. We do the same thing. He calls me 'Boy,' and
I call him 'Sir.'"
"You never use his real name," I asked.
"Well, of course I do. This whole master-slave thing is a game we
play. It's a sexual turn-on for both of us. That's just the way we are."
I was beginning to understand what Todd was talking about, I
thought. Our "cracking and jiving" was a way of expressing affection, and
what they did was, too.
"This is real interesting and all," Kevin said, "but let's do
something. You guys want to shoot some hoops?"
"Sure," Todd said. "Let's do it."
Kevin stood up and started getting undressed. He suggested Todd
put his shoes back on but nothing else. I gave in to peer pressure and got
naked, too.
"You boys have gotten new rings in your dicks," Todd said, taking
mine into his hand.
"Yeah. Now we can hook together," Kevin said. "In fact, all three
of us can, years old girls porno
now." To prove his point, he teenpics 16 years old
linked the cock rings of all three
of us together.
"Let's all pull back as hard as we can and see whose dick comes off
first," Kevin suggested. He started pulling, and I thought for a moment he
was serious. He did manage to pull hard enough to cause Todd and me to
both fall on top of him. We were in the house, nine year nude girls and Kevin knew better than
to wrestle in there for fear of breaking something.
"I've got a better idea than basketball. Let's wrestle. Just like
we did at sex camp, Matt. You remember?"
"Sex camp," Todd asked. It was obvious he thought it was someplace
we went, like Boy Scout camp, or something.
"It was a week we spent with some other guys last summer. I'll
tell you about it. In fact, I'll even show you pictures of it on the Web.
It was Kevin's bullshit."
"My _bullshit_? Didn't you have a good time?"
"You know I did, Babe," I replied. "I meant by 'bullshit' that the
concept was just 17 year old porn
more of your devilment. Hell, I had a fabulous time."
Kevin explained the rules to Todd, and he seemed to start to get
hard as he listened.
"You pin the guy, stick your dick in his ass, and start fucking.
But you've got to come inside him. If he throws you off before you come,
the match continues."
Todd said he understood the rules.
We went out to the party house and down to the workout room in the
basement. Kevin put a mat down for us, and we flipped coins to see who
would go first. teens 15 years porns
The first match was Todd against me. Kevin said he would
referee, and the winner would be alpha male until the end of the holidays.
We thoroughly lubricated everyone's asshole and cock before we started.
Kevin very carefully put Todd and me into the opening position of a
wrestling match. We went at one another when Kevin counted to three and
slapped the mat.
That Todd boy was strong as an ox. I got him in a hold or two, but
he broke away from me in no time. Before I knew it, he had me flat on the
mat on my stomach, and his cock was pushing into me. Kevin was offering
play-by-play commentary, in addition to his referee duties (which were
nil), and that was really making me laugh. I decided just to let Todd fuck
me and to enjoy it without putting up a struggle.
Todd's dick was smaller than Kevin's, and, as an inveterate bottom,
he didn't know how to use it all that well. He made me come, but it took
him a while. When he finally came inside me, he let out a loud whoop that
startled me. Referee Kevin declared him the winner.
We took a 14-16 old year porn break to smoke and catch our breath. 14 year pussy pics Kevin got us each a
very cold beer from someplace in the basement, and we lounged on the side
of the mat, looking at one another, talking, laughing, and having a good
time hanging out together.
"When was the last time you fucked another guy, Todd," Kevin asked.
"You mean on top?"
"Yeah. Do you ever top Jonathan?"
"No, and I probably never will. I'm a sub, man. You saw how long
it took me to get off. I can come in a heartbeat with a big, fat cock up
my ass, but it even takes me a long time to come when I jerk off, which is
almost never, anymore."
"Do you come fotos teens 12 years just from being fucked," Kevin asked.
"Jesus Christ, Kevin," I said.
"Aren't you being a little nosy," I asked.
"Todd, do you mind answering the questions I'm asking," Kevin said
to Todd.
"Not a bit. Thanks for being concerned, Matt, but I really don't
mind. Hell, I've been the only naked guy in a roomful of ten or more, and
every one of them 'inspected' me. I have 16 yearold nude pics no modesty or shame. And, yes, I
do come from just being fucked, Kevin."
"So do both of us, dude," Kevin replied.
After we finished our beers, it was time for the next match. We
(read, Kevin) had decided that the loser of the first match would take on
the guy who hadn't fought yet. That way, the last match would be between
two winners. I didn't know, 16 year porn anal
nor did I care, what would have happened if I
had actually beaten Kevin, since by then I would have been both a loser and
a winner, but that wasn't about to happen, and I knew it.
Kevin had the most amazing control over his body, especially his
sexual apparatus, of anybody I have ever known. He could fuck me for
thirty minutes (or be fucked that long, presumably, if I had had the
ability to do it) without coming, or he could come after five or six
strokes. That day he got on top of me fourteen year girls nude almost immediately, entered my ass,
and shot girls teen 15 years a load into me in less than five minutes.
It was time for another beer-and-smoke break to give Kevin time to
recover-like he needed it.
"Todd," Kevin said, 10 years girls porno "does Jonathan ever have you masturbate while
he just watches?"
"Sure. Pretty often, in fact. In some master-slave relationships,
the kidssex 14 year old master controls when the slave comes, but we're not into it that heavy.
I also initiate sex, which is unheard of in a lot of dom-sub relationships.
I keep telling y'all, it's a game we play, that's all. He really doesn't
control my life."
"If I asked you to masturbate right now, would you do it," Kevin
Ohhhhhh, that devious mind. Kevin wanted Todd all "comed-out" so
he'd have trouble getting hard in their match that was coming up. Todd was
no fool, though.
"If you beat me and become alpha male, I'll masturbate for you any
time you want me to, and pretty much 12 year pedo porno anywhere. For now, though, let's wait
till after our match."
I laughed and punched Kevin. Todd was grinning from ear to ear.
"You little shits" was all Kevin said.
In a couple of minutes, Kevin said, "I'm ready when you are, Todd."
"Let's hit it, man. I'm ready now," Todd said.
Todd stood up, raised his joined hands high above his head, and
stretched. 15-17 years nude nymphs He was a much more muscular guy than I had thought, and I
wondered if he was trying to intimidate Kevin. Ironically, the alpha male
would have to dominate, and that was supposedly 16 years teen pussy contrary to Todd's whole
personality, sexually.
They got into the starting position, and I did the countdown and
slap on the mat to signal the start of the match. Kevin got Todd into a
tight hold at first, but Todd somehow managed to wiggle out of it. Then he
knocked Kevin flat on his face, and Todd 14 years teenage fucki positioned himself to enter
Kevin's ass. When Kevin realized 12 years girls pussy what was about to happen, he reared back
and knocked Todd onto his back. Once that 14 years boy foto happened, the match was
essentially over. Kevin was in Todd in a heartbeat. He pumped Todd's ass
five or six times and came inside him.
Todd was still very hard when the whole thing ended, and both guys
stood up.
"Well, I guess you're the small yearsold sex movies alpha male around here," Todd
"That's right, and don't fucking forget it." Kevin spoke harshly,
but it was all an act.
"So how do we act around the alpha male," Todd asked.
"You act normal, that's how." Again Kevin used the harsh voice.
Todd sort of cowed a bit, and Kevin started laughing.
Kevin gave Todd a gentle, affectionate punch on his bicep. "Come
on, dude. Just be yourself. You're cute, so act it."
"Do we call you Sir," Todd asked.
"Not unless you want to. I probably won't know who the hell you're
talking to if you call me that, but, if it makes you feel comfortable, do
it. I'll get used to it."
"You guys ever do anything kinky," Todd asked.
"Like what," I asked. I thought 14-16 years nudist teens
we had done a few kinky things,
but I wondered what his idea of kinky was.
"Oh, I don't know. Some bondage, maybe, or spanking. Maybe
watersports-you know, piss play?"
"We've done some of that," Kevin responded. "We've both pissed 13 year girl up
each other's asses."
I'm sure I blushed when he announced that. I had enjoyed it
immensely, but I wasn't real interested in having other woman in years porn people know about
"Cool," Todd nudist girl 12year old said. "I'd like to try that."
"Hey, why don't you spend the rest of vacation with us here," Kevin
asked. "There's no point in your being home all alone. We've got the
place to ourselves, and we can just stay naked and hard for another week or
"That sounds good to me, too," I said.
"Are you sure you won't mind," Todd asked.
"Mind? Hell, we like you, and we wouldn't have invited you if we
minded," Kevin answered authoritatively.
"Cool. Then I'd love to spend the vacation with you."
"Well, that's settled."
"Do you want me to masturbate, Kevin," Todd asked.
"Not unless you just want to. I just was trying to get you to
shoot before so you wouldn't get hard right away when we wrestled."
"I'll wait till later, then, okay," Todd said. "Listen, back to
kink, do you ever fantasize about anything that would be considered kinky?"
"Actually, this whole slavery thing fascinates me," I said.
"Me, too," Kevin echoed. "Tell us about it."
"It's kind of hard to explain because it's really more of a mindset
or way of relating to another person than it is about what we actually do,"
Todd said. "The main thing about it is I have surrendered myself to
Jonathan. I live for his pleasure and for his pleasure alone."
"Don't you ever get any pleasure," Kevin asked.
"Well, of course I do, but my greatest pleasure comes in giving him
pleasure. For example, when we make anal love, I keep from coming as long
as I can to make it better for him. If I come, fine; if I don't come,
that's fine, too, as long as he enjoys whatever he does to me."
"So he kind of uses you for his own pleasure without regard for
you," I asked.
"I don't like the connotation of the word 'uses' because it sounds
like exploitation, and it's not. I do it freely. I *want* him to use me
for his pleasure, and that's what gives me the greatest satisfaction."
"Man, this is deep," Kevin said.
"I told you it's hard to explain," Todd replied. "Let me give you
an analogy. Don't you do things to and for Matt just to give him pleasure
without worrying about your own?"
"Well, sure, man. People in love do that all the time," Kevin
"Well, it's the same with us, only my whole purpose in life is to
do that for pussy 14 year picture Jon. It's not really different, except in degree."
"And y'all don't get off with him beating you and shit like that,"
Kevin asked.
"We would if it gave him pleasure, but it doesn't. He's a very
sensitive and soft man. I mean, he might like to humiliate me sometimes in
public, like making me wear that leather jockstrap when we go out, but to
me that's fun. I know he gets a kick out of it, so it gives me great
pleasure to do it."
"It's fascinating, you know," Kevin said. "Don't you think so,
"Yeah, I do." The next days went russian 16 year porn by in thongs 14 years old a blur. Kevin came up with all sorts of
sex games 17year old teeny sex for us to play, and we all had a great time. As alpha male,
Kevin was so cute he was precious. He'd get stern all of a sudden, order
us to 13 year olds pussies do something, and then say "please" or "if you feel like it." We had
a lot of sex, of course, but that's not all we did. We went out several
times, and Kevin spent a good bit of time reading. I would have never
pegged him as a reader, but he was. Three or four times we went with Todd
to hustle pool, and we always came back with a wad of money in Todd's
jeans. All in all, it was a great vacation.
The morning after we said goodbye to Todd, Denis and Frank came
home. They were ebullient after their vacation, and we enjoyed hearing
about all the plays and concerts and art exhibits they had gone to in New
York. They brought each of us some really nice presents, mostly clothes,
but they also brought us a state-of-the-art digital camera.
They came home on a Saturday night. Kevin spent most of the next
day taking pictures of me in the nude and learning how to use the camera.
The four of us went out for a quiet dinner that night.
"Are you boys ready to go back to school tomorrow," Denis asked.
"Yes, sir," Kevin said. "I am. And I think Matt is, too."
"Don't forget that party tomorrow night, guys. We're all expected
to be there."
I had forgotten about the King Cake party on January 6th.
"What do we wear," I asked.
"The guys our age will wear their school uniforms," Kevin said.
"You mean, you're going to wear those jeans?" I still couldn't
believe a fancy private school like Colton had jeans as a uniform.
"Yep. That way everybody will know we're still in high school, and
they'll know where we go. You'll meet lots of people who are Newton
alumni. That's 16 year teen pussy
part of the whole tradition thing."
The first day back at school was really a drag, but I heard some
people talking about parties that night. The teachers seemed to
understand, and we didn't have heavy assignments in any classes.
"Are you going to a party tonight," a guy in one of my classes
asked me.
"Yeah. I'm supposed to. You?"
"Yeah. Which one are you going to?"
"I guess it's for nudist-teen-16year the Krewe of Rex. I'm not sure what that means,
exactly, though."
"Dude! Is your dad in Rex?"
"Shit, I don't know. We're all going, though. My dad, my uncle,
my cousin, and me."
"They must be members, then. Damn. How'd a Yankee like you get
into Rex?"
"I was born here, man. I'm no Yankee. I just grew up mostly in
"Oh, okay. Have fun, dude, and don't do anything I wouldn't do."
Oh, God, I thought. How trite. And how old fashioned. That guy
really was impressed about which party I was going to that night. Damn.
Well, the party was okay, but just that. Just okay. They had some
great food, which Kevin and I ate like vultures, and they had a pretty good
band. I met a bunch of girls, some of them from Newton that I had never
seen, and Kevin and I danced with them quite a bit.
Denis got the baby in his piece of cake, so that meant he was King
of the party. He chose a queen, a bubbly lady who was at least half-lit by
the time the cake-eating came around. That meant we'd have the next party.
"What if Denis gets the baby at his own party," I asked Kevin.
"Won't happen. He won't eat a piece of cake. Once porn 16 years old you've given a
party, that's it for you. No more dry, shitty-ass King Cake for you."
"Oh, okay. That makes sense. Can Frank get it?"
"Well, of course he can. Or you could. Or I could.
Theoretically, we could end up having four of these fucking parties at our
house. Frank and Denis would immediately go into non-stoppable 14 year porn pick orgasms, of
course, but it won't happen. The odds against it are too great."
"Wanna bet? Say a blow-job?"
"You're on, cocksucker. But I might have to audition you tonight,"
Kevin said.
I grinned in reply.
We didn't stay much longer after the King Cake was cut, and we were
home by midnight. Once we were in bed, Kevin and I talked.
"What are we supposed to do about these girls that throw themselves
at us," I asked.
"Do you want to fuck them?"
"Asshole," I said, as I punched him lightly in the ribs.
"I take that as a 'no.'"
"That's a definite 'no,'" I said.
"Well, what I do is tell them I have a girlfriend that I've
promised to be true to. Of nonnude 14 years old course, in the last two years, I just went
ahead and fucked them."
"You animal! How could you?"
"Duh. It's really pretty simple, Matt. We make out, I get hard,
she gets hot, we go upstairs for privacy, she starts stroking me through my
pants, I play with her titties, I finger-fuck her, I stick it in. Uh, uh,
uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, thrust, thrust, thrust, 14 year slut webcam uh, uh, uh, uh, thrust, thrust,
thrust-and then I come. If she's experienced, which they all are, she has
come three times by then. I climb off, we light cigarettes, we get
dressed, we re-join the party. It's not rocket science, man."
"But how could you feel like doing it?"
"I was horny; she was horny; we just did it."
"How many girls have you fucked, Kevin? I want to know."
"I don't know, Matt. I honestly don't know. I haven't kept a
record. Sometimes I get pretty wasted at those parties, ya know."
"Are you going to do that this year, too?"
"What the fuck did I just tell you? Huh?"
"That you've fucked so many girls you can't keep track."
"Before that, asshole."
"That you're going to tell them you have a girlfriend, and you
promised to be faithful to her."
"Bingo! Give this man the grand prize."
"You mean you're not going to come out to 12year girl jpg them, but you're not
going to fuck them, either."
"Coming out doesn't suit me for this crowd, Matt. I've told you
before I would never deny our love, but there's just no point in it with
these superficial people. Nobody is going to ask you or me if we have
boyfriends instead of girlfriends. Of that I'm sure. They have no right
to know about our relationship. They're not people we care about. When I
was bagging chicks at those parties, that's exactly what it was: bagging
chicks, just like a hunter bags ducks or other game. The guys would meet
outside to smoke near the end and ask how many did you bag. We just won't
be in the bagging business."
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