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Subject: Mickey's Training"What the fuck did he do now?" Gary asked as preteens asian Todd and he got in the preteen model babe car
to drive to Mickey's house.It was a long drive but the guys had been buddies in school for years.
The summer activities separated preteen schoolgirls films
them as with all classmates. Carson went
to stay with his preteen virgin russian grandparents while Sumner got a job as a junior
counselor at a YMCA camp.Gary and Todd stayed at home and when his father would let him, Mickey
joined them to explore their summer pursuits."He took the old man's car" Todd said"Shit you mean the preteens no nud other night?" Gary asked about the night Mickey
suddenly showed up at a party near their high school."Guess so, he took off from the party like a race car driver, thought he
was gonna get into trouble with the cops" Gary sighed.Mickey seemed to be always in trouble with his father. preteen pleasure photos The man was a
backhoe driver, rough, bossy and seemed to bully Mickey all the time."He'll be alright, he's been through his old man's anger before" Gary
said remembering Mickey's various punishments over the years.There was the time he had to carry cinder blocks back and forth at the
house for hours. Another time he had to preteen asian toplist dig a septic tank hole by himself
before sundown. HIs father pushed all the china preteen sex
dirt back in the hole and made
him dig itout that night.They parked the car behind he baby lola preteens
house and approached the portch. Mickey's
Dad was sitting there smoking."You guys preteen model lollita
here to see the kid?" He asked gruffly."Uh yes Sir if that's ok" Todd preteen links knew how to address the man."Yea old men preteen you two can help me with him. He stole my car" the man said."Yes Sir" Todd acknowledged."Oh you two knew about it?" he looked up at the two boys.Todd braced himself boys preteens naked forthe man's anger. He jammed his hands into his
jeans which pushed them further down his hips. Gary nodded "we heard
about it, that's all" he said."Oh" the man nodded "You two gonna get burned walking around like that"
he smiled at the two preteen virtual sex
shirtless teens."Does your Momma let you walk preteen daughter models around in those torn jeans?"Gary smiled. He always wore the jeans preteen birthday sex with rips and tears. In fact he
put holes in strategic places and liked watching people's sweet preteen lollipopspreteen paradise club eyes aimed
towards his crotch to see if anything was visable."yea" he stood proudly while he lied to the man."Hmmm I decided that punishing doesn't work with the boy" he said. The
boys didn't move as they listened to him."So he's started summer training. It will go better of you two help, if
not I'll do it all myself" he put a hand on the black handle and lifted
something from the floor.It was some kind of whip with a handle and several strands that hng from
it. He flicked it a few times."He's already begun to learn his place" he swung the thing down on upskirt preteen show
floor."he's around back" the man pointed with his thumb..."he's now allowed in
the house preteen erotica story anymore""Christ we may have to get Mickey out of here" Gary said to Todd as they
walked around the house to the preteens naturist pics back area.Like most farm houses, free preteen moldels
there wre a number of sheds and storage buildings
in the back of the main house. Few were painted or kept repaired. Trees
were here and there around the place. A bunch of turkeys seemed to move
in a preteens model links scattered pattern here lesbians xxx preteen and there clucking. And dashing around them
were a group of dogs."Dagger!" Gary called out. But Dagger ignored him as he was sniffing preteens dee the
butt of another dog and then dashing after a nude models youngpreteens Turkey that seemed to find
the dogs distracting."There he is" Todd said pointing. He didnt' ahve to point.Mickey was the only other human in the back yard. He sat on the grass
near a tree."Hey Mick" hot candid preteen Todd called out.Mickey looked around as if to see if anyone else, pedo galleries preteen presumbably his father
was near."It's ok, he knows we're here" Gary said as they approached their friend.
"Shit" Gary added seeing thier shirtless friend was actually naked."He says he's training me" Mickey whisperedTodd squated "Looks like it" he fingered the chain that was wrapped
around preteen csm model the tree and fastened with a padlock. It led to the leather collar
that was around Mickey's neck and fastened there too with another
padlock."Yea" Gary squatted then sat next to his friend patting his bare shoulder
"You'll loitas preteens get through this one too" he consoled."Not sure, man he says this will go all summer and I need to change by
school" Mickey said moving to sit up between his two friends."We'll hang out as long as it forbidden preteen art takes. He won't girls candid preteen beat you when we're here"
Todd promised trying not to stare forbidden preteens bbs at Mickey's cock which seemed to preteen porn creampieunderage models preteen be
half erect."What are those?""Oh he says it's so I can't touch myself" Mickey said holding up this
hands which were both locked in black leather mitten like bags."Look at his" Todd pointed to where Mickey's ankels were in restraints
chained together."Is he gonna kep you like this?" Gary asked fingering the chain that led
to Mickey's neck."Guess" Mickey said."OK boys, time to help me out. You boy on your hands and knees" The man
approached and ordered his trainee.Mickey quickly got on his hands panty fashion preteens
and knees making the chains clatter."What I"m doing is training him to be obedient. And what's more obedient
then a dog? Dagger come here!" he called out. Dagger looked preteen pics top50
up and
trotted to the man."See? It's simple, I call and he responds. I tell this one to do things
and he ignores me" the man flicked the leather stranded whip over
Mickey's bare butt."So this summer he's no longer a human, he's a dog who needs cute preteen loita to learn to
obey his Master" the man patted Mickey's butt with one hand and patted
Dagger with the other."And you two can help."Gary and Todd looked at the preteens pussie
man and at Mickey who was on his hands and
knees. His naked body waiting for whatever his trainer had in store for
him."Every dog has a tail, and this is his" the man held up a black items
that looked like a tail on one end and had a kind of bulb on the other.
"It needs to be put in the butt and you can do it"He handed it preteen latin angel to Todd. Todd took it and looked at the item. It was rubber
and seemed too big to go into Mickey's butthole toon preteen which was preteen russian vagina clearly
visable."In there?" preteen bath stories he asked"yea put some of this all ove rit so it'll slide in." the man handed a
jar nymphs preteen models
of vasoline to Gary. "Put some on his butt first, some of it inside
too" he said "go ahead, I cleaned him out earlier"Gary had never touched anyone elses cunt junior preteen butthole, just his own when he was
showreing or masturbating."Come on, or I'll just use this to train him" the smiled and held the
whip up.Gary moved around Mickey "you ok man?" he said to his friend."he doesn't speak and when he does he does this. Speak boy!" the man
ordered Mickey."BARK BARK" Mickey immitated a dog's bark.Todd laughed. "You serious?" he asked nobody in particular.'Very serious" the man stood and responded forcibly.Gary opened the preteens schoolgirls jar and took some of the goo on his finger. He touched it
to the puckered anal opening and smeared it around and over it.Mickey sighed."Inside jam some of it inside or the damn thing won't japanese preteen pic go in" the man
ordered.Gary put vasoline on his finger and slid it inside Mickey's butt."Put alot on the tail" the man said. Todd reached over for the jar and
scooped some of it with his two fingers latering the bulb end of the
rubber tail."More inside, use two fingers" the man looked close and then advised.Gary obliged and soon had three fingers inside Mickey's butthole. He was
suprrised it real preteen nudity
had stretched open as he has shoved webcam preteen girl vasoline inside it. His
fingers felt the boys smooth intestines and tight preteen model toplists sphinter."Ok that's preteen little pussies
enough, if you keep doign that he'll shoot" the preteen bbs zep man laughed.Gary looked under MIckey and saw that indeed his half erection was not
fully hard. His own cock started to harden knowing he had excited his
friend."Ok put it in" Todd pressed the rubber bulb against the greasy butthole
and sexy preteen skirt pushed on it."It's ok, it'll fit" the man said.And suddenly the bulb seemed to be sucked into the russian preteens photos butthole. Mickey
sighed and the tail was now pointed up preteen g string in the air like a happy dog's
tail."See? he likes it, most doggies like preteen model sherri their tail being played with" the
man said throwing a rag to Gary so he could wipe himself."Now this" the man held up a black leather item and put in in Mickey's
mouth buckling it behind his head.He patted Mickey's butt again "Good dog""Guys come on, I've got people food and beer for us""Will he be ok?" Todd asked."Oh yea, we'll leave him like that. One of you can tak him for a walk
later" he preteen hentai free laughedThe pizza tasted good and the beer flowed down their throats cooling them
as the three watched Mickey the dog chained to a tree and the other
animals that strolled around the area."How long do you uh keep him out here?" Todd asked."Oh he's an outsdie dog...all summer....if it rains I'll put him in the
shed" the man said nonchallantly."Does he eat?" Gary asked realizing he was talking about Mickey like some
new animal he had just discovered."Yea I put a dish out for him, water, it didn't take him long to learn to
piss like a dog" he recounted."Why did you shave him like that?" Todd asked"He needed to feel like he was starting over and besides I think he looks
better like that" the man said "Don'tyou two?"They looked at their naked friend still on his handa and knees. preteen girlchild models His black
tail still plinted upwards his shaven head wrapped in the leather harness
and his smooth body had begun to redden from the sun."How long has he been out here/" nudes children preteen Gary asked.The man swallowed a long gulp of his beer, then opened another bbs preteen pthc one."I started to train him when he got back with the car" the man said thai preteen massage
thought about it as soon as I realized he took it. Just remember ls news preteen boys,
you can only push your parents so preteen models myusernet far."He pointed to Mickey for empasis."yes Sir" Todd answered "yea I guess" preteen naked camp Gary added."Once he learns his place, you two can help me train him preteen natural models to do tricks
like a dog. He ls link preteen
has to getused to the preteen nnude fact he is preteen extrem model no longer a human being."
the man said.'What about school?" Gary asked"We'll see if he does a good job this summer, I'll let him dress like a
human and go. But if he fucks up, he's gone!" the man saidTodd and Gary didn't ask "where" but the man answered."He'll stay here" he pointed to the tree until he gets his ged and then
the Marines can have him. So you guys ready to help me train him?"Gary smiled and responded "yes SIR" using "SIR" for the first time. The
beer, the summer sun, girl feet preteen
seeing Mickey was still aroused and his preteen swimwear modeling
own teenage
hormones made him ready for anything.Todd followed them to where Mickey stood."OK I think you deserve some reward for making doggie video preteen nude boy's butt hopen
up, spanking preteen video don' tyou think so doggie?" the man unbuckled the mouth harness"BARK BARK" Mickey barked."Good, so you can have whichever end you preteen gallaries model want" the man looked at Gary.
Gary didn't understand at first."If you want that end just yank out the tail and his butt is all greased
up for you. preteen anal pictures If you want the doggies mouth, I think hks tounge is out and
wating" the man looked at Mickey's mouth.Indeed Mickeys toungue was stuck out and he was panting like a dog."He's learning fast" the lola preteen movies man chuckled and smacked Mickey's bare buttocks."You get whichever end he doesn't preteen rape pussy want..and you two should do it pre teen nudies
at the
same time" the man said.Gary's cock was poking out of one of the holes in his pants. It was pron preteen downloads
and geting harder. He understood what the man was saying now.Todd stammered "uh not sure we uh should""Ok well if you two dont' want to help me train him, then I'll use this
awhile instead" the man swung the flogging whip and let is smake Mickey's
back. "he's got to learn what he's for""Shit man it's ok, " denmark preteen sex
Gary said as he moved to Mickey's back and grabbed
the rubber tail."Just put it preteen models com back in when you're through. I guess you get doggie boy's
mouth then" he said to Todd.Todd preteen child cp hesitantly moved in frotn of Mickey. He watched as Gary popped preteens video nude the
tail out of Mickey's butt making a sound and making Mickey jump a bit."Go ahead slide it in, he's greased up and hot pants preteens open" the man said, nothing
like a sloppy tight hole is it?"Gary knelt and let his cock free teens preteen replace the rubber tail as it easily slid
into the half open butthole his fingers had invaded earlier."Don't worry he likes it, don't you boy?" the man patted Mickey's butt
again."BARK BARK" Mickey reponsded."And you want this other young preteenie pussy human cock in your throat don't you boy?""BARK latina preteen pussy
preteeny video gallery BARK" Mickey repeated and panted loudly.Todd had unbuttoned his jeans letting them slide indian nude preteen
down his thghs. His cock
wasn't hard yet but getting preteens xxx toplist fatter."Don't worry, he'll make it hard" the preteen nude lollita fucked preteen pics
man preteenn said "just put it on his
tongue"Todd felt hif friends warm tongue lift pre teen smokers
his preteen girls smoking cock and draw it into his
mouth."Good you two just have fun with him maybe when you through you two can
change preteen lotita models ends and do it again" the man went back to stting on the
backportch stoop and lit a cigaretted.He preteen lollitas heaven
watched his new doggie be used by the mini preteen two teenage boys. At first they
went slow as if preteen beauty gallery learning how to scrrew the human dog..then they seemed to
begin to enjoy it and fucked the kid fast and live preteens webcam slow.The man drank a beer as Gary let his torn jeans drop and kicked them off
his legs. He reentered Mickey the dog and resumed fucking him. Tood too
had kicked off his jeans as he felt new pleasures treated him by Mickey's
toungue and mouth."It's gonna be one hell of a summer" Gary panted to Todd watching the
naked friend react to the new sensations."Shit it's gonna be a great summer" todd said as he watched Gary's
muscles flex as he thurst his hips forward and then withdraw them."Want to trade?" Gary saidThe two moved around Mickey."Ready for it boy?" teenager preteen Gary asked the human doggie that used to be heir
human friend?"BARK BARK" Mickey the dog responded.

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