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Subject: the men of gossip girl chapter 2This is a ficticious story involving characters from the TV show Gossip
Girl. I don't own the characters and don't claim this to be a true
representaton of them or the actors that portray them.Gossip Girl shocking little nymphets
created nymphets and fairies for TV and is owned by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage and
produced by young naked nubile nymphets CSB Paramount Network Television, Warner Bros. Television,
College Hill Productions, porn boys gay nymphets
and Alloy Entertainment. Please do not use this
post or share this story without my permission.
Waiting impatiently in the elevator Dan Humphrey stepped out as the doors
opened into the lavish nymphet home photo
apartment dressed in a tight dark grey jumper
demonstrating his muscular 12yr nymphet body and fitted jeans with tousled short dark
hair, he walked through the cute russian nymphets
corridor and into a dimly lit spacious room
containing a large red corner sofa, a blue pool table and various other
pieces of furniture. Looking around he noticed a shaded figure leaning in
one of the arches that lined the photo nymphette youngs wall opposite him."Chuck?" Dan asked"Daniel..." Chuck replied, as he moved out nymphets thumbnail
of the shadows, dressed nymphet sexe
in a
form fitting outfit of navy suit pants, a crisp white shirt, extreme young nymphets a red tie,
with a drink in hand and hair ucrainian nymphets galleries slicked back into a perfect style, "What
brings you to my hotel?""Cut the crap, I think you know why I'm here Chuck!" Responded Dan, anger
lacing his voice "You nymphet gallery x think youngest nymphets archives you can screw with my little sister and get
away with it.... she's gone because of you!" he continued, moving closer to
the object of his anger and latvian underage nymphets
frustration.A self-satisfied grin crept across Chuck's face upon hearing this."Well, she isn't innocent little J anymore " Chuck replied in a low husky
voice, looking up from the floor to meet Dan's eye to eye with a sly smirk
on his face."Shut the fuck up!"Dan yelled whilst pushing Chuck, using a hand to pin underage illegal nymphets him
against the wall. "Why do you think you can fuck about with people's lives
like this, nymphets nature you just can't!!!""Daniel, I just nymphets best gave her what she wanted, that's free teens nymphets
all!" Chuck said with a
half laugh, going to down his whisky, before Dan snatched it, downed it and
threw the glass a side. "You can't blame her!" He bd company nymphets
continued ignoring Dan's
display nymphet porn draw little nymphets pussy photos
of fury, placing his hand just below Dan's neck his index finger
grazing nymphets 14 the exposed skin at the top of Dan's hairy chest, his nymphets underground
head tilted
to nymphetamine girl
the side, looking up to meet the other mans, deep nymphets models
hazel eyes filled with
resentment. The two young men stood looking into each others eyes for a few
moments as if deciding what to do next."You're an asshole Chuck, you just nymphets illegal underage ruin people's lives, even your own!
Where Blair... Oh wait she left you just like everybody else!" countered
Dan spitefully, trying to ignore the sensation of Chuck's finger lightly
grazing his exposed skin was doing to nymphets model nude him."What are nymphet lolas you going to do to me to teach me lesson then?" Edging closer
Chuck nymphets photos and thumbnails whispered seductively, his lips almost touching Dan's.In the sexually charged atmosphere Dan impulsively moved forward lightly
pushing his pouty lips to Chucks, a brief tender kiss young nymphet russia between the men. A
moment passed before Dan pulled away, Chuck's smug, arrogant face snapping
Dan out of his pre nymphet modelstop tgp nymphets daze, evoking his rage. He forcefully pushed their mouths
together little nymphets top list again, the kiss dominated by Dan more aggressive this time, he
pulled at Chuck's bottom underaged nymphets lip with his teeth, biting down hard."That wasn't nice Daniel!" Chuck said flinching pushing Dan away and nude nymphets free galleries wiping
away the blood from his lips with the back of his hand."I thought this is how you liked nymphet pictures cp it!" Dan returned cockily.He stepped back into Chuck, their bodies pressed together, Dan put his hand
to Chuck's throat turning his head slightly before gently putting his lips
to Chuck's, their mouths nymphets incest tgp opening, fighting for control of the kiss. Both
men becoming hard, the heat, the pressure of their bodies so close
together.Dan stepped back, pulling his jumper over his gangbang nymphet head, revealing beastiality nymphets his well
defined torso and hairy chest to Chuck. Grabbing his tie Dan led Chuck over
to the nymphets lollypop
pool table, leaning up against it the bright lights above the pool
table illuminating the child nymphette gallerie pair. Chuck moved into Dan's nymphet pageant body positioning nylon nymphets
between his legs, placing his hands on Dan's chest and pressing their
hardening cocks together."So nymphets fuck
is this my punishment then?" asked Chuck in his husky tone, scraping
his nails down Dan's chest.In one swift motion Dan positioned himself behind Chuck forcing him over
the blue pool table, knocking the balls out of the way."Haha, what you going to do to me now Humphry?" Chuck smirked, infuriating
Dan more, pushing him to go even further.Dan ground his jean covered cock hard into chucks ass, "Is that all you've
got Daniel?" Chuck summer nymphet said taunting Dan.Incensed Dan hot nymphet pics
pulled on the back of Chuck's suit pants bbs extreme nymphets
taking down his
underwear leaving his bare ass exposed, opened his own jeans and pulled his
hard fat cock from his boxers. Dan pushed back against Chuck's naked ass,
rubbing little sex nymphet
his cock between Chuck ass cheeks."You're such a little pussy boy, Humph....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Chuck
started, before Dan's large, thick cock was forced all the way inside nymphettes teen sex19 nymphets him
until he felt Dan's hips pressed right against his ass."AHHHHHHH, FUUUCK!" the young Mr Bass screamed at the suddenness of Dan's
length filling him."Who's the pussy boy now!" Dan sneered, circling his hips, moving his child nymphets com
inside Chuck."AH-ahhhh!" Chuck moaned, "Y-You are Daniel!" he managed kids nymphets pics to add cockily.Chuck sighed in relief as Dan pulled his entire dick out of teen hard nymphet him, before
quickly pushing all the way back in. Chuck's back arched, his face
contorted in nude nymphets gallery
pain from Dan Humphrey's massive feeling young nymphet pics length tearing his
ass up."D-do, you...think this is... punishment Humphrey?"Chuck hardly able to
speak but, wild teen nymphets
young nymphet pussy acting as bbs free nymphets if he wasn't fazed by Dan's fuck.Dan grabbed the ukrainian nymphets forums bottom of Chuck's crisp white shirt wrapping it around his
hand, using it to gain more strength to pound into the young man beneath
him. His cock, slid in nude nymphet models pics and out of Chuck rapidly, the tightness wrapped
around his cock lovely nymphets nude pics unlike anything he had experienced, only heightened by his
aggression towards Chuck"Oh f-fuck Humphrey, that's more like it!" Chuck bbs4 fc2 nymphet
managed to utter as Dan
relentlessly fucked his ass, "J-jenny voyeur nymphets
liked it rough too!" he laughed,
pushing Dan even more.Dan released his hold on Chuck's shirt instead grabbing hold of his hair
violently, pulling especially hard bringing Chuck's head back."SHUT....THE.... FUCK UP.... SLUT!" Dan shouted, now using Chuck's hair to
pull even deeper into him, really trying to hurt him.Dan nymphet sun bbs
continued his assault on Chuck's ass, bent over the pool table still
nearly nude virgin nymphets
fully dressed, his suit pants pulled down enough to allow Dan
access, Dan jeans resting just below his tight ass, sweat coating his nymphets bbs gallery face
and naked young nymphet dipping down his hairy muscular chest."Is this how you wanted it Chuck?" Dan asked slamming his cock into forever nymphets
the man
beneath him hard, "do you want me to hurt you like this?" he added, again
slamming into Chuck."Uh-huh!" was all the little child nymphets reply Dan received, his hard fuck taking Chuck's
breath away.Letting go of Chuck's free nubile nymphets hair and roughly clutching nymphs nymphets his hips, Dan drove his
fat cock into the target of his anger, his heavy balls constantly banging
Chuck's ass cheeks. Grabbing one of the pool balls nymphette teens models the hotel owner squeezed
as hard as possible in an attempt to withstand the almost unbearable
brutality of Dan's fuck."HAHAHA, nymphet girl pics I knew you couldn't handle me!" Dan laughed cockily, continuing to
pound Chuck, driving closer and closer to orgasm."I-I'm gonna cute little nymphet
cum!" Dan announced, he quickly pulled out of Chuck, grabbed
his hair pulling him off the table and forced him onto his knees in front
of his cock. Dan held onto Chuck's hair pulling his head back while jacking
his cock with the other"OH-OHHHHHH..... HERE IT 14 yr old nymphets COMES.......TAKE...MY...LAOD...YOU...S-SLUT!"Dan
screamed as cum erupted from the swollen head of his dick, teenagers nymphets the first shot
hitting Chuck on the cheek, he closed his eyes, as 2, 3, 4 more loads of
cum covered his face. Dan worked his cock little nymphet movies till every drop of cum was milked
out of it, he looked down at nymphets bbs nude Chuck Bass, his usually perfect hair a incest nymphetes mess,
his shirt creased, his pants open revealing free nymphet panty pics his hard cock, and his face
covered in his, Dan Humphrey's cum."Looking good Chuck! Looks like you found where you belong!" Dan russian nymphet xxx
said with
a smug laugh, hitting his dick against Chuck's cheek and naughty teenage nymphets
brushing his cock
head nymphet disney
along nymphettes kinder bbs his lips. Chuck unable to respond without getting Dan's cum photo nymphet nue
his mouth.Pushing his thick, semi naked petite nymphets hard dick back into his underwear Dan walked over
to find his shirt jap nymphets throwing it on, whilst Chuck got up from his knees, his
shirt falling over his cock, still hard and exposed from his open suit
pants. Dan walked over to Chuck whose face was model nymphet pics still covered in his cum."Oh, I forgot....."SMACK! Dan's fist hit Chuck hard in the kds bbs nymphet
mouth causing
him to fall backwards onto nymphets photography the floor, blood filling his mouth! "Don't ever
mess with my sister again!" Dan warned, storming out of the apartment
shaking his hand, hurt from the punch, leaving Chuck bleeding covered in
cum on the floor.Licking his lips Chuck tasted Dan's cum, mixing with the blood in his mouth
"mmmmmm" nymphette years
Chuck quietly moaned in appreciation.Now alone and desperate wildnymphets underage kds gallery
wild nymphets naked for release Chuck grabbed his nymphets 14 year painfully hard
neglected cock, he jacked it hard and fast, tasting Dan in his mouth,
feeling his cum cover his face, thumbs movies nymphets
remembering how his dick felt inside him. free wild nymphet porn "Ohhhhh shit!" Whispered Chuck to himself as he shot his cum all over his
hand, shirt and tie. He lay back on the floor of toplist nude nymphet his dimly lit apartment,
exhausted, replaying lo nymphet gallery the evenings events in his mind."Dan!" he sighed.Thanks for reading, please send any feedback to
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