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From: Marcus McNally
Subject: Love On The Rocks 7This story contains sexual situations lolita video links nude between two males. If material of
this nature offends you then you should not read www shy lolita com this story. If you are
under 18 years of age you are probably not legally allowed to read this
story. This story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to
persons living or dead, or to events that may have occurred, is purely
coincidental. The author claims all copyrights in this story and no
duplication or publication of this story is allowed (except by the web
sites to which it lolita angel nudist colonies
has been posted) without the consent of the author.*************While my head was trying to keep up with everything that had happened in
the past 24 hours, my heart was beating knowingly. It took a complete
over-reaction on my part, and the realization that my stupidity meant I
could have ruined my relationship with Ty, to finally tell him I loved him.I kept feeling the need to apologise to Ty top 100 lolita extreme
and to explain again and again
why I'd reacted the way I had, but I could tell Ty had taken my first
bumbling explanation on board and was ready to put it behind us. It was
typical of his sweet way, but I still had a nagging sense that I didn't
deserve him.These thoughts were swirling around in my head as we japan girl lol bbs both jumped in the
shower. The shave would wait for young little lolia model
the morning, but a good wash was
definitely in order. I came back www home lolita tgp to the here and now when I felt Ty's
shower gel-coated hands on my chest.I looked him in the eye and was little lolita pussy tgp
about to speak, not really knowing what I
would say but wanting so much to lil lolitas pussy pictures
tell him how much he meant pictures of young lolittas to me. Again,
he seemed to read my mind. He put his finger to my lips to shush me. "No
need to say anything more Mike," he smiled, before covering my lips with
his. His kiss was like a mouthful of refreshing water for my parched
heart, and I wanted to drown in it.As we tongue wrestled, Ty's hands slipped lower to wash the goods and as
always whenever he touched me, I rose to the occasion. As Ty finally broke
the kiss and we moved apart, he shut the water off and we dried each other
off, Ty's own one-eyed warrior clearly ready for battle.It felt so good, and right, to slip between the sheets and melt into Ty's
embrace. With limbs intertwined, we started to kiss again, hands randomly
stroking each other's bodies as our tongues communicated our mutual hungry
need.For years I'd heard people talk of the joy of "makeup sex" but this was my
first experience of it, and it was every bit as good as people said.As the pace of our lovemaking picked up, Ty's arm slipped between by legs
and under me to the crack of my ass, his hand gliding up and down the moist
crevice, his fingers dancing across the entry. Two thoughts struck me
simultaneously; perhaps Ty was versatile, and if so, I hadn't been fucked
for a very long time. Equally, I wanted to give Ty whatever he wanted to
compensate in some small way for my juvenile mistrust.As these thoughts were swirling in my head, Ty's tongue was swirling in my
mouth and the tip of his finger was gently find its way inside my body. As
he probed, my hand found its way between teen lolita russian images his legs, and I gently but firmly
began to massage his joy boys, which elicited his customary lusty groan.I was apprehensive about how I'd cope with the size of this beautiful man's
cock forcing its way in and magic lolita preteens models
out of my ass, but I decided to relax and enjoy
the young lolita photo galleries
ride. He wanted to express his love in the most intimate of ways, and
I wanted to return that love by giving him the same kind of pleasure that
playing colon commander gave me.Once I relaxed, his finger was no longer an intruder but a welcome visitor,
and I moved slightly to lie on my back, my sun lolita bbs xxx
legs lolita boy top sites open. As I moved, Ty
slipped a pillow under my ass leaving me splayed in front of him. He lay
on his stomach, his face only inches from my buried treasure. I felt
goose-bumps when his tongue flicked across it and my legs closed slightly,
as if to keep his head where it was.I was lost in long-forgotten sensations as Ty worked his tongue up, down,
around and in naked little lolitas galleries my entrance and I lazily stroked my cock as he did. Ty
looked up, stopped his lapping and swooped on my dick, sucking it to its
root and swirling his tongue around my corona, as little moans escaped my
throat. Further down he moved, lapping his tongue over my ball bag,
sucking each nut at a time into his warm, wet mouth. Then he was back at
my ass, eating it like a starving man.He never let up his tongue ministrations as he gently slipped one, lolita teens in panties
then two
fingers inside me, flexing his fingers until he felt my prostate. If he
hadn't physically felt it, he'd have known he was there by the loudness of
the groan that followed.Still working his fingers inside me, he shifted until he was lying almost
on top of me, his lips covering my face and neck with tiny kisses. When I
looked into his eyes, they were glazed with desire and I wanted him to
claim his prize.I held his face in my hands, kissed him deeply and then whispered in his
ear, "Fuck me!"He returned the kiss and I felt his steel hard dick against my hole and he
pushed, preteens virgins lolitas bbs
very slightly. I only winced slightly before the throbbing head of
his prick started the slow slide inwards and the memory of the wonderful
sensation only a thick cock can provide came flooding back. I busied
myself with caressing whichever of Ty's body parts I could reach and he
continued his relentless journey, his eyes burning into mine the whole
while. Before I knew it, he was home, his entire length imbedded in me.All the while he was kissing me, exploring the inside of my mouth with his
tongue and nibbling my lower lip. His hands were playing with my nipples
and I felt safe and protected by the weight of preteen lolita models videos
his hard body. Once he
sensed my body had acclimatized to the invasion of his cock flute, the
symphony began, and he started moving in and out of me, very gently and
slowly at first, leaving my nerve endings raw with longing.As I began dark portal lolitas com raking my nails up and down his back and kissing his neck and
chin, Ty gradually started to pick up his pace, his swollen cock impaling
me fully and then withdrawing before surging forward again. I was grateful
he'd used a little lube and by now, I had completely opened up to him. As
Ty steadily fucked me, peppering his thrusts with gratified grunts, I
realized how much I'd missed having a man's cock inside me. I'd never
settle for any old dick, of course, just the one attached to the most
beautiful man who'd ever come into my life.All of a sudden, Ty changed gear and was starting to fuck me relentlessly,
telling me in the dirtiest language imaginable just how good my ass felt
contracting around the full length of his man-milk dispenser. Between
pants, I matched him filthy phrase for filthy phrase, grabbing and
squeezing his ass cheeks as they contracted with each thrust.So in synch were our interlocked bodies that time didn't register, although
I realized later that we'd been fucking more almost 20 minutes before Ty's
body started to tense and the speed with which he ploughed in and out of my
ass increased significantly. As my own body responded to the heightened
pace and my prostate rallied the forces, I contracted my ass muscles and
gripped Ty's rampant cock even more tightly. His intermittent moans and
groans became one long primitive howl and as my own man eggs gave up the
fight and sprayed their consignment in thick, hot spurts between our
sweating bodies, he lunged forward, buried himself as deep inside me as he
could and young loli top 100 let go, filling me with his scorching seed. Even then, he kept
moving, sliding his cock in and out until finally he ran out of steam,
collapsing on top of me with his dick still buried inside my leaking ass.We lay together and I exercised great control in not expelling him,
enjoying the feeling of him softening inside me. After a while he raised
himself on his elbows and looked at me. "That was underage lolita sex pics every bit as good as I
dreamt it would be!" he grinned. "You're lolita girls pics preteen one hot piece of ass!"I couldn't help myself. "I'm really sorry, Ty" I said softly.As he rolled off me and snuggled into my chest he replied, "No more
apologies, Mike. Just love me."And I did, never more so than at that moment.**********We woke early and, tempting though it was to languish in nude young lolita beauty bed playing with
each other's sperm spitters, it was Ty who suggested we should have a good
run around the park opposite my apartment before getting ready to meet
Lachlan and Scott for breakfast.We splashed our faces in the bathroom, threw on some running gear and hit
the grass, maintaining a mutual steady pace as we worked up a sweat during
two complete laps. We jogged back to the apartment, stripped and I shaved
while Ty showered. I joined him under the water spray and was rewarded
with an exquisite knob job that lolita list lolita bbs
literally left me with shaking legs.Once Ty was shaved, we put on jeans, shirts and shoes and before taking the
lift to the ground floor to preteen guirls nude lolitas
begin our walk to the hotel where Vince and the
boys were staying, I grabbed a walking stick that had belonged to my
grandfather from my hall closet. I explained to Ty that I'd use the stick
to `limp' into the restaurant for breakfast."I can see Lachie's eyes rolling now," Ty laughed. "Didn't I see George
with a walking stick one time at Grand Apartments?""Yep," I replied. "He uses it occasionally because he needs a hip
replacement operation. I could have borrowed one from nn preteen loli pic him before we left
Coolangatta if I knew what was ahead!"."Is there anything George can't supply on demand?" Ty smiled."Well, when I first arrived ion the coast, I asked him if he could find me
a hot looking rock star with a big cock, and it board cgi image loli
was days before you showed
up!"As predicted, Lachlan was in fits of laughter as I `hobbled' to the table
where he and Scott were waiting."Looks like someone didn't get much sleep!" he chuckled. "Half your luck
mate!"We shook hands all round and after we'd placed our orders, I ruffled
Lachlan's hair and said, "A fine looking Aussie soldier on leave shouldn't
have much trouble getting it wet!"As we waited for breakfast, Ty and Lachlan explained between them Lachlan's
convoluted love life. Lachlan met his first sweetheart Madeline when they
were still in school and they remained an item, until their final year when
Lachlan decided it was time to move on, and sow his oats elsewhere.He travelled in his `gap year' and greatly enjoyed spearing the bearded
clam whenever the opportunity arose, and when he returned to Stanthorpe he
and Madeline drifted back together. They'd both had other relationships
and found themselves realizing they really did dig each other.They spent 12 happy months together, before Lachlan moved away to tiny girl lolita models complete
his Army training, and that 12 months apart was the litmus test for the
relationship. When Lachlan finally returned to Stanthorpe, Madeline was
waiting for him and they'd been together ever since. Not even Lachlan's
posting in Afghanistan could weaken the bond and while he was enjoying this
precious time with his older and younger brothers, he was champing at the
bit to get back home."If I don't get some pussy soon," he smirked, "I'm gonna explode!"Scott little virgin angels lolita
looked up from his mobile phone with mock indignation. "You mind,
Lachie?" he asked, tongue- in-cheek. "I'm an impressionable teenager and I
shouldn't be exposed to such vulgar talk!""Is that right, squirt?" Lachlan laughed, slapping Scott lightly across the
back of the head. "I shouldn't be exposed to the sound of you lolita pics 9 15 polishing
your rocket after lights out either, but you don't hear me going on about
it!"Ty jumped in. "Seriously Scotty," he laughed. "You'll go blind if you
don't stop jerkin' the gherkin!""Yeah," Scott shot back, "at least I'm not limping like someone at this
table ..."The conversation stopped as our waitress served four hearty breakfasts,
including a plate for Lachlan that looked like it could feed a family of
four. We all tucked in and it was Lachlan who finished first."Mate, you can still put it away!" said Ty."Yeah mate," Lachlan replied. "So can you, according to Mike, but I don't
think he was talking about bacon and eggs!"We were still laughing when Vince suddenly appeared, brandishing the
morning newspapers."Morning boys," he beamed, as his eyes fell to the walking stick. "Do I
wanna know?""No Vince," Ty grinned. "You don't!"Vince held up the folded newspaper and we all saw the preteen loli pthc pics headline at the same
time "TYSON HILL SWEEPS ARIA NOMINATION POOL"."Mate, five fucking ARIA nominations!" Vince exclaimed, referring to the
annual Australian Recording Industry Association awards, the `down under'
equivalent lolitas castle preteen stars of the Grammys.Scott snatched the paper and started reading out loud, "Chart sensation
Tyson Hill, whose Love On The Rocks album has been 2010's biggest seller,
has swept the young lolita bikini bbs pool in this year's ARIA nominations. Hill is up for
Breakthrough Artist, Best Male Artist, Single of The Year, Best Adult
Contemporary Album and Album of The Year."It was high fives all round, as Lachlan slapped his brother on the back.
"Mate, you're a fucking star!""Good on ya, mate," Vince grinned. "Let me buy you boys a round of
drinks!"Ty registered surprise. "Vince, it's 10.30 in the fucking morning. Bit
early to get on the piss!"Vince chuckled and then in mock villain style, yanked open one half of his
jacket vest and said, "Can I interest you in a nice watch?"Ty played along. "Nah mate, got a watch. hentay 3d little lol But I love that hairy chest.
How much for me to wash it with my tongue?"Vince rolled his eyes. "Faggot!""I'm quite well heeled," Ty smirked. "We could come to an arrangement ...""I need a woman!" he sighed. "See you boys later. Fuck, five nominations!
Woo hoo!"Ty underground preteen lolita sites
was momentarily pensive. "Will five awards change anything, Vince?" he
asked."I didn't say five awards Ty, I said five nominations," Vince replied.
"You won't win five. Two would be good, three would be even better. Album
Of The Year's gonna go to Birds Of Tokyo, or Washington for sure, and Best
Male Artist? It should be you mate, but the money's on John Butler."Ty had a wry smile on his face. "Hey hot shot," he said. "You might be
right with Album Of The Year, but I reckon I've got a good shot at Best
Male Vocalist, so that means four. Wanna bet on it?"Vince Cometti, good wog boy that he is, couldn't resist a bet. "You're on,
pretty boy.""What's the wager?""If I'm right, you'll find me a nice-looking, high-class working lady with
big tits and you'll pay for her to `keep me company' for the weekend. And
you'll film us bumpin' uglies! It'll help you learn how normal people have
sex."Lachlan cracked up when he caught the glance between Ty and me, when we
both simultaneously screwed up our noses. I wasn't sure whether Vince's
remark about `normal sex' would inflame Ty, but he just smirked. "OK
Vince," he said, "I'm cool with you humiliating me, but being the good
Italian boy you are, you'll match the challenge. If I win, you'll come to
my hotel room on Saturday and Mike and I will watch while one of the
hotel's beauty consultants gives you a wax. And I'm talkin' the full
`back, crack and sac'. We might even get a sneak peek at your Sicilian
starfish!""Dream on, Ty!" Vince laughed. "That's disgusting.""No more disgusting than watching you trying to satisfy some high class
hooker with a few inches of dangling fury!" Ty mocked. "You obviously know
I'm right or you'd be sealing the deal.""Faggot!""Yeah, I'm a faggot," Ty laughed. "But I'm not a piker."The gauntlet had been thrown down. Vince believed he was right and no
matter how galling Ty's terms might be to him, he couldn't lose face by
backing down. I smiled to myself at the way Ty had manipulated the
situation and thrown a bucket of water on Vince's cockiness.Changing the subject, Vince said, "I've got three seats for you guys for
the awards! Repeat after me, `thank you Mr. Cometti'!"Lachlan looked surprised. "Scotty and I are heading home today, Vince," he
said."Well change you plans, mate," Vince replied. "The farm'll still be there
when you get back. It's not every day you see your brother saluted by the
music industry. preteen lolita nide photo Gotta go. Let me know about the tickets."The three brothers looked at one another and I jumped in with, "It'd be
great if you could stay guys. That way you can see Ty's last concert
tonight, and then come along to the awards on Friday night.""But I promised Maddy I'd be home today," Lachlan mused."She'll understand mate," I said sympathetically. "Buy her something nice
while you're here and she'll feel spoiled when you do get home."Lachlan thought about it. "Whattaya reckon, squirt?" he asked Scott."Awesome, Lachie!" Scott grinned back. "Me at lolita cunts small models the ARIAs. I might even get
my photo taken with Mandy McElroy!""I just don't want to disappoint Maddy," Lachlan said."You disappoint her every time you drop lolitas nude young girls your daks, Lachie," Scott chided.Again Lachlan slapped Scott across the back of the head. "Asshole!" he
laughed. "OK, we're in. I'll ring Mum."Ty's face lit up. "I love you guys! I'll take care of extending the hotel
booking!"Ty picked up his keys and stood. "Gotta go to sound check," he said.
"It's the last show of the tour and I'm changing the set list a bit, so got
a bit of rehearsing to do. I'll catch you boys later!"**********The rest of the day went quickly. Lachlan and Scott tagged along when I
returned to my apartment, and they helped me clean up the mess I'd ignored
while I tried to deal with what I'd so wrongly perceived to be Ty's
betrayal.No mention was made of best of loli hentai that confronting evening. There was a light moment
when Lachlan helped me change the bed, where the night before I'd been so
exquisitely and thoroughly fucked by his handsome older brother. As he
held the sheets up, he grinned, "can you imagine what these would go for on
eBay!"Another was when Lachlan put the vacuum cleaner together for Scott to go to
work on the lounge room carpet. virgins lolita teen modell "Don't get any ideas about the nozzle and
the lolita animal sex pics
suction," he cautioned. lolitas preteen teen porn "I tried it once at home and darkangel kid preteen lolita believe me, it's
nothing like a blowjob!"We enjoyed a long walk around the park before heading back to the boys'
hotel room where we'd agreed we would get ready preteen russian lolita galleries for Ty's final concert. We
had a light dinner in the hotel restaurant, saving space for what promised
to be a well-catered `end of tour party' later in the night.By 7.30, we were n a cab on the way to the Regent Theatre lolitas young russian schoolgirls and at the box
office, I picked up our tickets in an envelope marked "M. Stewart"."How come there's four tickets?" I asked Lachlan."Vince is sitting out front with us," he smirked. "Apparently Ty told him
he has to see the show at top 100 lolita preteen least once, instead of locking himself backstage
counting box office receipts!"We free lolitas xxx porn mingled for a while until the theatre doors were opened. It was
interesting to observe the mixture of fans that my guy attracted; the usual
teenage girls who seemed highly excited, a sprinkling of young couples who
clearly loved the music, and a respectable amount of gay men who either
enjoyed the music or Ty's body, if not both.The merchandise stand was doing a brisk trade, even before the show, as
people who zeps lolitas bbs list didn't already have it snapped up copies of Ty's `Love In The
Air' CD and DVD, while others walked away with a Tyson Hill tee-shirt.We overheard a male couple looking at the CD they'd just bought, featuring
a cover shot of Ty facing away, guitar slung over his shoulder, looking
back at the camera. "I'll bet that ass is every bit as good as it looks in
this shot," one of them said. Lachlan caught my eye and grinned. "Bet
you're tempted to assure them it is!" he whispered.Finally seated, I looked around the sold-out auditorium and spotted Monique
and some others in Ty's `team' dotted around. It was only as the house
lights started to dim that Vince hurried in and flopped down in the seat
next to me."Is this seriously the first time you've pure lolita top list seen Ty do a whole show?" I
whispered."Actually, yeah," Vince replied. "I mean, I've heard every show, but Mr
Rock Star insisted I needed to actually see it from out lolita bear hug free
front. Go figure."We non nude lolita jpeg
sat in darkness for a minute or two before Ty's band walked on to
thunderous applause and took their places. Random guitar strings were
plucked as the musicians tuned up and then everything was quiet. As
before, Ty appeared unannounced from side lolita bbs the remix
stage, and strolled to his
centre-stage microphone. bbs xxx lolita pic The venue erupted and for a moment, I thought my
ears would bleed.Dressed in butt hugging black jeans, boots and a very upmarket cowboy
shirt, Ty launched into "Deep Inside Of You" and so the show began. It was
much the same as the previous first half although the song order pay lolitas borrachas follando had been
slightly shuffled. Just before intermission, Ty surprised everyone,
including Vince, with wombats lolitas bbs pics an impromptu acoustic performance of Peter Allen's
beautiful ballad "Tenterfield Saddler".With only acoustic guitar he sat on a stool while the musicians behind
disappeared in darkness to the wings.Time is a traveller Tenterfield saddler, turn your head Ride again jackaroo
Think I see kangaroo up ahead ...You'd have heard a pin drop, so quiet best lolita vlad models
was the audience and when the song
ended, Ty took one quick bow and nude preteen lolitop galleries exited, stage left.At intermission, we all gathered at the bar. Lachlan and Vince nude lolita bbs hussy headed to
the men's room and I queued for drinks. Scott took advantage of his
brother being absent to assure me that such a special occasion justified
him having a beer instead of a soft drink. I was about the argue to point,
but I couldn't resist the pleading young asian lolitas nude
look, or the intoxicating grin that
reminded me so much of his big brother.Four beers it was, and as we stood around sipping, Vince remarked on how
well Ty had sung "Tenterfield Saddler"."Man, does that song bring back memories," Lachlan sighed. "Remember
Scotty? When Ty got his first guitar as a lollipop pre teen models kid, he played that song day and
night. He'd be in his room and that's all we could hear, him playing and
singing. He'd get into trouble if he hadn't done his homework, and Dad was
forever yelling out for him to stop lolita nude panty models
making so much bloody noise!"Scott grinned. "I remember, alright, even though I was really young. I
remember that song especially because I had no fucking idea what a saddler
was, or a jackaroo".We finished our beer as the house bells rang and quickly found our way back
to our seats. The second half saw Ty in faded blue jeans and tee-shirt,
and he rocked his way through the album tracks that had become standards
with his fans. He was, I assumed, saving "Love On The Rocks" for his
encore, as he'd done in all concerts so far.As the second half drew to a close, Ty once again lolita 13 nude ls finished his set with an
achingly beautiful version of "Hallelujah" which, again, left the audience
stunned. The stage fell black and when the lights came back up, Ty was
gone. Thunderous applause and chants of "more, more" went unanswered for a
few minutes before he returned, only this time, alone again.He made himself comfortable on his stool euro lolita model galleries as the noise died down, and picked
up a rather weather-beaten acoustic guitar. Lachlan leaned across and
whispered, "That's the first guitar he ever had. Didn't know he still had
it!"Ty strummed the guitar once or twice and gave a good-natured grimace at the
less than pristine sound that came from it."This is my very first guitar," he told the audience. "My Mum and Dad gave
it to me when I was a teenager and they also gave me an Everly Brothers
song book. I learnt to free preteen lolitas com play every song it in – `Bye Bye Love', `All I
Have To Dream', `Wake Up Little Suzie' – but there's one song in
particular I loved the most, and I'm going to sing it now for my `special
someone'. It's called `Devoted To You'."The intro was greeted with wild applause from an audience who mostly would
have no idea who Don and Phil Everly were. I knew though, and I could
scarcely believe Ty was dedicating their beautiful words to me:I'll never hurt you, I'll never lie I'll never be untrue I'll never give
you reason to cry I'd be unhappy if you were blue Through the years my love
will grow Like a river it will flow It can't die because I'm so devoted to
you ...Ty got preteen model lolita top
a huge hand, and amid the applause, audience members were looking
around to see if they could spot the teary-eyed girl they believe Ty was
singing about. What they thankfully couldn't see was the teary-eyed man he
was pouring his heart out to.When the applause died down, I leaned over to Vince and whispered, "He sang
that for me, Vince!"I knew what was coming. Vince leaned back towards me and whispered
"Faggots!" before adding, "Good song, though!"Once again joined by his band, Ty ended the night with a smokin' version of
"Love On The Rocks" which had everyone – us included – on their feet.**********I felt almost maudlin making my way backstage with the boys, retracing the
steps I'd taken that awful night when I so stupidly misread Ty's joy at
being surprised by his cherished brother. As if he too sensed it, Lachlan
put his arm around my shoulder as we made our way to Ty's dressing room.
"There's no more brothers lurking in the corridors, mate!" he grinned.Vince and the boys stopped to greet a few people which gave me a moment to
slip into Ty's dressing room by myself. Closing the door, Ty's face lit up
in the mirror. "Mate," he enthused. "What did you think?"I stood in front of him, desperately not wanting to preteen shy nude lolita
start the whole tear
thing again, and took his face in my hands. "I don't have any words,
mate," I smiled. "Only this," as I planted a wet one on his soft,
delicious lips. When it ended, he out his hand behind my head. "I'll have
more of that later!" he grinned. "Much more!"The door burst opened and suddenly the room preteens underage nude lolitas was alive with high-fives and
hugs, lolita und asian nudist
back slappers and preeteen lolita non nudes well wishers heaping praise. If Ty was daunted, it
didn't show. He was gracious, but I had the feeling he wished they'd all
melt away so we could go somewhere and have a quiet beer. No chance of
that, with the after tour party Vince had organized.Getting from the venue to the private room in the hotel where the tour
party was being held was a major headache. I hadn't anticipated the amount
of fans waiting at the theatre's stage door and as it opened and Ty walked
towards our waiting van, he was instantly swamped. For almost 45 minutes
he patiently signed autographs, posed for photographs and accepted gifts
and compliments. He was affable and friendly, but I could tell his heart
just wasn't in it.Eventually, we were able to get to the van and our driver whisked us to our
nearby hotel, where the after tour party was in full swing. The whole crew
was there, along with `the team', a few familiar faces from Ty's record
company, and a handful of journalists and minor celebrities. I kept a
respectable distance from Ty, and whenever we found ourselves together in a
group, Ty introduced me as "my lawyer Mike Stewart".Vince had spared no expense. Waiters glided around the room top models lolita bbs with trays of
beverages; French champagne, fine wines and boutique beers. Others
proffered platters of exotic looking finger food, all of it tempting. Two
beers in, I needed to pee. I found myself at the urinals standing next to
Vince, who also needed to make space for more ale.I couldn't miss a golden opportunity. Leaning forward, I said "Nice dick,
Vince!"Vince shook his cock, slipped it back into his pants and zipped up. "I'm
not even going to say it Mike!"As parties go, it was a good one and I enjoyed chatting with Ty's musicians
and his road shocking lolitas underage pics crew, all nice guys. I caught up with his publicist Monique,
and Lachlan and I amused ourselves no end watching Scott sniffing hors
d'œuvres and canapés trying to guess what was in or on them.While I found myself engaged in constant conversations, one eye was on Ty
as he worked the room, making sure he got to thank everyone involved in the
success of his tour. Later in the evening, as the numbers began thinning,
I noticed I'd lost him, and assumed he'd gone to take a leak.Lachlan announced magic lolita free pic that he going back to his room with Scott, before the kid
ended up with a skin full of beer. It had been more than 20 minutes tiny lolita nymphet tits since
I'd last spotted Ty and I was about to call him, when a text from him
registered on my mobile. "Sorry, back in our room, mate. Something
nasty's come lolita ch ld tgp
up."I was pre loli kids fuck immediately worried, trying to work out what might have gone wrong to
spoil Ty's night. Without saying goodbye to anyone, I tried to look as
though I was heading for the men's room, but detoured on the way to the
hotel elevators. I jumped in, rode to our floor and almost ran to the
room. Slipping the card in the door, I walked in and called out, "Ty,
what's wrong? What's come up?"A split second later, Ty walked put from behind the bedroom door, stark
bollocking naked, his long, fat cock pointing menacingly towards the
ceiling. "This came up," he grinned, pointing at his boner. "And it's
nasty!"Relief flooded me, and I started to laugh, but within 30 seconds I was on
my knees, sucking on his dick as if my life depended on it. His elevated
state of excitement meant it was only a couple of minutes before he was
flooding my mouth with his paternity pudding, and five minutes after that,
he was on his back in bed, his legs locked behind my back as I pounded his
hot, wet ass. It would be another hour before we'd completely drained our
balls of spunk, and lay breathlessly in each other's arms.As we drifted off to sleep I was suddenly struck by a thought. "Did you
let Vince know you were leaving the party?" I asked."Yeah, I thanked him and told him I was going upstairs to seduce my male
lover!" Ty grinned."Well, I guess that means you're a faggot, mate," I chuckled."I am indeed, mate," he yawned. And you are too. Thank God!"**********The days leading up to dark lolitas portal bbs the ARIA Awards were some of the happiest Ty and I
had spent together in the time we'd known each other. Ty and I were
relaxed and happy, and Ty seemed to love sharing his uninterrupted time
with me with his much loved brothers.We didn't make plans, preferring impromptu pursuits. We went to the movies
together, something Ty and I had never done, and we spent time at the
beach, splashing around in lolita top tpg bbs the waves and dunking each other. Other times,
we'd go to my apartment for a barbeque and to drink beer.One time, Ty brought out his guitar and we had an impromptu talent quest.
Ty plucked the songs we chose and we'd sing in turn, providing beyond any
doubt that Ty was the only one of us who could actually hold a tune.. I've
seldom laughed as much as I did watching Scott belting out Cutting Crew's
"I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight", only he changed the lyric to "I Just
Died In Your Ass Tonight".It was almost as hilarious as watching Lachlan, big macho lolita bbs models russian all-Australian
soldier that he is, bump and grind his way through "Big Spender".I did my best with a hopelessly out-of-tune version of Ty's hit "Deep
Inside Of You", but I was unanimously booed illegal lolita sex movies
before I could finish it.The day before the ARIA awards, we split in two; free hardcore lolita pics Ty and Lachlan went
shopping for jewellery for Lachlan's girlfriend Maddy back in Stanthorpe,
and Scott and I spent the morning playing snooker. During the afternoon,
we switched teams, and while Ty took Scott clothes shopping in trendy
Chapel Street, Lachlan and I soaked up the sun by the hotel pool and drank
ridiculously overpriced cocktails. We pissed ourselves laughing as Lachlan
ordered me a `Slow Screw Up Against The Wall' and I asked the waiter to
bring Lachlan a `Cocksucking Cowboy'!On the morning of the ARIAs, Ty and I took a couple of suitcases from my
apartment and moved into the hotel suite Vince had booked for Ty, with its
internal interconnecting door through to my room. The ARIA awards were
being presented downstairs in the grand ballroom, so real top nude lolita
it made more sense to
be only boy lolitas cp top a couple of minutes away from the action.Ty's suite, of course, was monstrous and he immediately invited his
brothers to join us so we could all get ready for the presentation
together. Before they arrived, he called room service and ordered plates
of canapés and sandwiches, beers and wine.The suite was palatial, and the bathroom was fit for a king. It easily fit
the four of us and it didn't seem odd to me for us all to be in various
stages of undress, taking turns at the walk in shower. At one time, Ty,
Lachlan and I were naked together, toweling off and it was hard to keep my
eyes from wandering over the unclothed bodies of the two older Hill
brothers.When Lachlan was dry, he wandered back to the main part of the suite to don
his finery for the awards. As Ty messed up and rearranged his drying hair
in the mirror, he smiled as said, "Don't think I didn't see you getting a
nice eyeful of Lachie's gear, mate!""Just admiring the gifts that nature has bestowed on the Hill boys!""You've checked out two of us, just the kid young lolitas sex pics
to go!""Nah, seen it already!"Ty paused, pthc rompl lolita dorki his eyes narrowed. "You've seen Scott's cock?""Yeah," I said cautiously, unsure why I was blushing."How's that?"I explained about the apartment window at the Grand Apartments which could
be top 100 lolita toplist seen from my penthouse balcony, and how I'd quite innocently looked down
while watching the waves, and caught Scott having a wank.Ty laughed. "That'd probably have only been the first tug for the day," he
said. "That kid's a chronic self-abuser. I shared a room with sometimes
and man, that's all I heard after the lights went out! Got to the stage
where I couldn't get to sleep until I heard that strangled sexy 13 years lolitas little sigh!""Well, take it from an expert, the Hill boys have mighty fine looking man
parts," I smirked. "And I think Lachie might have you beat by a centimeter
or two!"The bathroom door was suddenly opened wider and Lachie walked in. "Are you
guys talking about my cock?" he asked incredulously."Yes mate," Ty smirked. "Mr Stewart here was just saying the middle
brother's packing some serious meat!"Lachie shook his head. "Vince is right," he lolita model image bbs grinned. "You guys are
faggots!"Right on cue, the doorbell rang and Scott opened it to find Vince, all
dressed in a suit and looking every inch the rock star's manager. Ty
wrapped a towel around his waist and walked into the lounge."Hey Vince," he chirped.Vince looked around. "This place looks like a cross between a straight
men's locker room and a gay sauna! Can I have one of cheese things with
the black shit on top?""It's caviar, Vince," I chortled. "And how do you know what a gay sauna
looks like?"Vince rolled his eyes. "We meet your `date' downstairs in 30 minutes so
you can do the red carpet thing.""What the fuck Vince?" Ty snapped. "What date? lolita hard core cp Why do I have to walk in
with a girl I don't even know photos nudist naked lolitas and pretend she's the girlfriend?""For the newspapers, Ty," Vince sighed."Fuck the newspapers," Ty shot back."OK Ty, I'll explain it to you," cute young hairless lolitas said Vince patiently. "If you walk in on
your lolita lo loli bbs own, people are gonna ask `why's he on his own?' If you walk in with
Mike, or your brothers, people will say `he's photographed a lot with guys,
maybe he's queer?' and if you walk in with a hot babe, people are gonna
watch and say `he's a legend, I'll bet he's fucking her'. All lolita bbs nude kid the guys
watching are gonna wish they were you and all the girls are gonna try and
imagine walking that red carpet with you."Trying to curb his annoyance, Ty turned and looked at me questioningly."Long before I met you mate, I saw you on TV at the Country Music Awards,"
I smiled. "You arrived topless lolita teen toplist with that blond chick from `Home And Away' in the
long silver gown with the slit up the side. My first thought was `he's a
real lady's man'. My second thought was `Pity.'""Well now's you big chance, mate" Ty said, glaring at Vince. "Why don't
you walk the carpet with me?""Because I wouldn't look to good in a pre chil loli pedo long silver gown with a slit up the
side and her legs were better than mine. People would compare ...""Can you be serious?""OK mate. I listened to Vince's argument and Mr Twenty Percent lolas nonudes bbs forum
wins on
points. You'll only be together for the cameras, the rest of the time
she'll be working the room, trying to find some rich guy to fuck and then
give her demo tape to. She'll probably end up with Vince.""OK, OK," Ty conceded. "I'll do it. And I'll wait for the call from Mum
in the morning asking when she and Dad are going to meet the future Mrs
Tyson Hill.""Hey, great idea," Vince smirked. "I could sell the exclusive wedding pics
to `Who Weekly' for at least 50 grand ...""Fuck you, Vince," Ty said. "Let's have one more beer and then lolita angel free movies clip on our
best smiles and hit the red carpet." Looking at me, he added, "Your tie's
not right, mate."I presented myself to him and he undid and then redid my tie. "Your
shirt's not sitting right either, pull it down a little on the right."I had to laugh. "Mate, I think you're anally retentive!"Without missing a beat, he replied with, "yeah, I'm anally retentive, and I
hope tonight after I win all those ARIA awards, you'll be anally
receptive."Amusingly, all heads turned towards Vince who rolled his eyes and muttered
"Faggots!"A few chuckles were lolitas 13 yo gallery
followed by a collective deep breath as the five of us
made our way to the elevator for the short ride to the ballroom, and for
Ty, `lights, cameras, action' were only moments away ...**********Please feel free to email me sweet little lolitas girls
your comments.
You can hear the hit versions of songs referenced in this chapter via the
following links:Devoted To You (Everly Brothers): (Leonard Cohen): Saddler (Peter Allen):
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